How To Know If A Luxury Watch Is Original? - Watch Designers And Manufacturers

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Rolex is one of the most coveted watch brands and one of the most valuable on the market. Therefore, when buying Custom Luxury Watches you have to be careful so that you do not get caught in a poke. In this post we want to show you how to know if a Rolex watch is an original or a copy.

You don't always have to be a watchmaker to find out if a Rolex watch is genuine . A sure sign that a Rolex is fake is to have a transparent cover on the part that exposes its internal mechanism. No Rolex model ever marketed has such a cover.

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Another infallible test is that of water resistance. By definition, a Rolex is perfectly waterproof, so it can be immersed in this liquid for several seconds without leaking water or stopping it from working properly. Putting the integrity of the watch at stake, you can also try to scratch its glass. The Rolex crystal is sapphire and only a diamond could scratch it.

Taking a good look at the watch we can see the materials with which the watch is made. A Rolex will never have plastic or aluminum parts as they are made from the finest materials. There are more details that set off alarms or at least mistrust whether a Rolex is real or fake .

If you have a good ear, you can first pay attention to the sound of the clock. We are all used to hearing the familiar TIC TAC of watch movements (the second hand does it when it changes position), however, Rolex watches do not have this sound because the second hand moves very smoothly. So a watch that goes TIC TAC may not be a Rolex.

You can also observe with the naked eye the fluid movement of the second hand of a Rolex, if it seems to go in fits and starts, accelerating and braking, we have more reason to suspect.

Another thing to look at is the weight of the watch. Real Rolexes are made of metal and glass, so you can feel their weight. You can compare it to that of a lower quality watch to see the difference.

We hope we have made it clearer to you how to know if a Rolex watch is original or fake. If you want to Custom Mens Watches or Custom Womens Watches, welcome to contact Montres8 with business relationship, they guarantee the authenticity and operation of all kind of watches.