Heroic ambition

Wu Chongqing picked up a stick and smashed it heavily on the ground, as if a monster was roaring and his eyes were about to crack.

Wu Chongqing picked up a stick and smashed it heavily on the ground, as if a monster was roaring and his eyes were about to crack. All the four people in the room were startled. With a shout, all the drinkers rushed downstairs. Lord Lu turned pale with fright. Seeing that his companion, the martial artist, had escaped, he had to look livid. As he fled, he shouted, "Smelly!"! The king has a lot of knowledge, not like your children. With a sound, Lord Lu stepped on the air, rolled to the stairwell and fell all the way down. The whole floor quieted down, and the iron palm masters on the ground floor had already been taken away. The rest of the troublemakers, the princes, and the punters, all dispersed with a bang. There were only a dozen or so assistants left in the huge hall. Lu Yun gazed at them and saw that young girls such as Begonia, Mingmei, and Cuishan refused to leave. They only hid in the corner of the room and looked at Wu Chongqing with a worried face. Strange to say, these three girls are all Yan Ting's apprentices. It's time to be familiar with Chongqing, but when the brothers and sisters meet in the restaurant, they don't even need to greet each other. They are worse than strangers. But I don't know what's going on. There was silence, the hall was quiet, and no other sound could be heard except the sound of laughter and laughter downstairs. "" Man, "said Chong Qing in a calm voice. The evil spirit just left, and the evil spirit came again. Hearing this, he was in a panic. The bartender hurried to the table and said with a wry smile, "Big.." What can I do for you,Marble Projects, sir? Wu Chung-ching took out an ingot of silver and threw it far away. "Here are two big bowls and a jar of strong wine," he said. No one is to be disturbed without my orders. "Who dares to disturb?" The bartender smiled bitterly in a low voice, afraid that he had provoked the evil God, and hurriedly turned around and scooped up the wine to get the bowl. Wu Chongqing was not an ordinary man, but the son of a dignitary. He was not afraid of Lord Lu, nor was he afraid of the government. But he respected Su Yingchao very much. He looked up and said indifferently, "Brother Yingchao, do me a favor and have a drink with me." Seeing Wu Chongqing staring at himself and inviting him repeatedly, Su Yingchao hesitated. He looked at Chongqing and saw that he was handsome and had a straight back when he sat down. He could see that he had a good family education. Can know why,Pietra Gray Marble, this person's eyes but see the gentle family childe, but with a cold evil, look very strange. Seeing that Su Yingchao was still unmoved, Wu Chongqing lowered his face and raised his cold eyes. "Are you afraid of me?" He asked? Lose Eldest brother With a bang, the "Three Great Descendants" threw the sword on the table and sat down proudly on the spot. Seeing that Master Su intended to show great power and teach the fanatics a lesson, Miss He was naturally confused, but Begonia and other young girls were familiar with Wu Chongqing. For a moment, she felt sad and cried out that it was not good. She was afraid that something terrible would happen in a moment. Wu Chongqing would succeed, but he did not show his pride. He leaned back slightly. "Brother Yingchao, do you still recognize me?" He said proudly. This question was very strange. After the previous uproar, the whole audience, regardless of their origins, all knew Wu Chongqing. Su Yingchao did not know why he had asked so much, so he only replied lightly, "Aren't you the son of Lord Wu?"? With such a strict family education, who in the capital dares not know? This faintly involves Wu Dingyuan, Begonia, Mingmei and other young girls naturally love to listen to, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Calacatta Nano Glass, can not help frowning, slightly unhappy. "When Wu Chung-ching heard that he had hurt his father, he showed no sign of dissatisfaction." You haven't recognized me yet, "he said, shaking his head. In the silence, I heard a trembling voice at the table with laughter: "Grandpa … …" Wine. Here comes the food and wine. The poor old shopkeeper came to see him meet the bad guys tonight. First, Wang Ye came here to beat people, and then the son of the viceroy made a scene. Tonight, the magic star shone brightly. I really don't know what he did. See him tiptoe, holding a jar of wine in his hand, but dare not approach too much, can only pass the bowls and chopsticks far away, for fear of provoking the fish in the pond. Chong Qing didn't embarrass him either. He took it from himself and put it on the table. "Brother Su," he said, "we'll see each other for a long time. I'll be the host tonight." Hearing Wu Chongqing claiming that he hadn't seen her for a long time, Su Yingchao looked surprised and said, "Did we know each other before?" Wu Chongqing said lightly, "If Su Jun thinks of it, my brother will help you." He poured two bowls full of wine and then handed over a bowl. "Su Yingchao was so upset that she thought Qiongfang would run away tonight and Martial Uncle would see her. In addition, she was in trouble when she practiced her sword. Everything was not going well. She really didn't want to deal with this man. When she saw the wine bowl, she didn't want to take it. She said," I appreciate your kindness, but it's too late. I have something to do tomorrow morning. We might as well get together another day. " Su Yingchao a few words, insincere, just want to get rid of the scene earlier, is waiting to get up to leave. Wu Chongqing smiled and said, "Sit down. You've run away with your wife. What are you busy with now?" Which pot does not mention which pot, look at this person do not know where to get the news, actually know that Qiongfang ran away from home? Su Yingchao's face sank unconsciously. He sat down again, lowered his eyes, and said quietly, "Master Wu, I have a bad temper tonight. Please.." Then he put his hand on the sword and kept silent. Su Yingchao was so angry that he would start fighting at any time, but Wu Chongqing turned a blind eye to it. He picked up the wine bowl and said, "Don't get angry, Su Jun. I'm looking for you tonight. I don't mean any harm. I just want to make friends with you." Hearing the word "friend," the young girls, including Begonia, all looked sad and said in a panic, "Master Su, don't ask for it." Seeing that all the young girls were in such a panic, Wu Chongqing was definitely not a good person. No matter who made friends with him, it would be like stepping on dog shit by mistake, and he would really fall down for three lifetimes. Fortunately, Su Yingchao was quite clear-sighted. "I don't deserve it," he said indifferently. Sumou is a white man, but Master Wu is after the dignitaries. Please forgive me for not daring to climb up. Hearing this, the young girls breathed a sigh of relief, but Wu Chongqing smiled. He bent forward, gazed at Su Yingchao's big eyes, and said with a smile, "Lose.." Eldest brother Why do you refuse people thousands of miles away? Haven't you already climbed up to Qiongfang? Why don't I have one more? No matter how highly cultivated Su Yingchao was, he could not help being angry when he repeatedly made an issue of Qiongfang. He opened his cat's eyes wide and said, "Master Wu, forgive Su for being hard of hearing. What did you call me just now?" "Lose.." Eldest brother Wu Chongqing crossed his hands in front of his chest. His head and neck were askew, and his eyes were askew. "Can you hear me clearly?" He asked with a smile. Su Yingchao took a deep breath,Silver Travertine Slabs, knowing that he had met a rogue. He looked out of the window quietly for a moment, but his right hand slowly turned to the hilt of the sword, intending to give him a blow. forustone.com