Immortal inverse

Fortunately, Xiu Demon Sea, several huge school forces that have existed for more than ten thousand years, came out together at this time,

Fortunately, Xiu Demon Sea, several huge school forces that have existed for more than ten thousand years, came out together at this time, which stabilized the development of the situation. But in private, there are a lot of monks, taking advantage of this opportunity, crazy killing treasure, so that the very chaotic situation in the sea of demons has become even more chaotic. But all this has nothing to do with Wang Lin. At this time, he can clearly feel that the golden elixir in his body is constantly shrinking. On top of the golden elixir, there is a tiny red silk thread. This silk thread is crazy to dissolve the spiritual power of the Golden Elixir. When the spiritual power of the Golden Elixir is scattered and broken, there is only a dead end waiting for Wang Lin. His present cultivation, because of the reduction of the golden elixir, has fallen from the late stage to the middle stage. According to Wang Lin's calculation, in another three hours, he will fall from the middle stage to the early stage. At that time, he will break the golden elixir in only half an hour. As for the seven-day appointment with Qiu Siping, Wang Lin has no time to take care of him at present. The most important time for him now is to dissolve the thread of plunder as soon as possible! Wang Lin's face is gloomy, his eyes are red at this time, full of bursts of murderous look, in order to survive, he is going to kill! It is a pity that he has used up the spirit liquid in the land of the ancient gods. During this period of time in Kirin City, he has not accumulated much. Otherwise, the spirit liquid can be maintained for a period of time. Just then, in front of Wang Lin, a middle-aged monk in black rushed towards Wang Lin at a very fast speed. At the same time, the man said sullenly, "In the middle of Jiedan.." That's you! As soon as his voice fell, Wang Lin's eyes flashed red, and the other side was the late repair of Jiedan, but Wang Lin not only did not dodge, but increased his speed, and rushed towards the other side in an instant. The man in black smiled sarcastically at the corners of his mouth and was about to take action. But suddenly, his body trembled and his eyes were scattered. At this time,Gear Reduction Motor, Wang Lin still came to his side. His right hand grabbed his abdomen and immediately grabbed the golden elixir. Without any hesitation, Wang Lin swallowed the golden elixir. Even the storage bag he did not have time to pick up, quickly flying into the distance, his divinity, all scattered, like a wolf, looking for the next target. Sun Fan, who was running for his life, was followed by two strange beasts comparable to the late period of Jiedan. As long as he slowed down a little, they would catch up with him and swallow him. With his cultivation in the period of building the foundation, he lacked the strength to resist at all. At this time, the two strange beasts are getting closer and closer, the roar is already close to the ear, Sun Fan a bitter smile, he knows that this time, he is afraid to be doomed. But at that moment, suddenly a gust of wind blew around him, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, which was so powerful that Sun Fan could not help turning around a few times in the same place. When he stabilized his body with a face of horror, the sad roar of the strange beast came from his ears. He looked back and suddenly stayed on the spot. A white-haired young man, like a demon, put his right hand into the head of a strange beast, grabbed out its inner elixir and swallowed it. As for the other strange beast, he had already died and his body fell aside. The white-haired young man looked back, glanced coldly at Sun Fan, did not speak, and fled to the distance in an instant. Although the other side has left, but Sun Fan is a move also dare not move, just under the other side's glance, hidden murder, let his mind shock, after a long time, he spurted a mouthful of blood, his face showed a frightened expression, hurriedly left. Throughout his life, the white-haired young man's devilish figure has been entangled in Sun Fan's heart. Even seven hundred years later, when he reached his dream of yuan Ying period, recalling the man in white, he still felt a chill in his heart and often woke up in his night dream. In the north of Xiumo Basin, two small sects are fighting each other in order to snatch the inner alchemy of a strange beast that was killed by the Heavenly Robbery. Among them, flying swords are everywhere and magic is all over the sky. But just as the monks on both sides were being killed, a white-haired young man fell from the sky. As soon as he appeared, he did not say a word, only to see his eyes flashing with strange red awn. A red lightning suddenly shot out of his eyes, like a lightning snake shadow, shuttling between the monks on both sides. At the same time, the man's body speed is very fast, rushed into the two sides of the group of monks, all the way through, his hands constantly in the abdomen of a Jiedan monks grabbed out of the golden elixir, swallowed raw. In less than ten breaths, all the monks here died. As for the inner alchemy of the strange beast that caused them to fight, it was also swallowed by the white-haired young man, and then his whole body turned into a shadow and rushed into the distance. Along the way, whether it is a strange beast or a monk, as long as Xiu Wei has not reached the yuan Ying period, he will be killed mercilessly by Wang Lin, both men and women! As more and more golden elixirs are swallowed, his cultivation is no longer reduced. The speed of golden elixir reduction has finally reached a stable point, but only so, it can not solve the problem at all. This stable balance can only last for a few hours. Once the time has passed, the golden elixir will continue to shrink until it collapses. The only way to solve this problem is to keep killing people and get enough spiritual power to force the red line out of the body at one stroke. In this way, it is necessary to kill a large number of people, Wang Lin's eyes have never been strong, he knows that his current killing speed alone, then it must be far from enough. Wang Lin's eyes flashed cold, his divine consciousness swept away, and his figure rushed forward immediately. Several strange beasts in the fog appeared a hundred miles in front of him. At the moment when Wang Lin's extreme divine consciousness was out of body, his right hand patted the storage bag, and the black poisonous sword flashed out. To slay the strange beast and remove its inner alchemy, Wang Lin did not stop at all and continued to rush out. At the same time, his divine consciousness was all scattered,brushless gear motor, looking for a place where monks or strange beasts gathered more. As he was flying, Wang Lin's body suddenly paused. He divinely noticed that there was a large herd of animals thousands of miles to the east. Wang Lin's eyes flashed coldly. He immediately turned around and went east. The distance of a thousand miles was soon crossed by him. There were many strange beasts here. Wang Lin appeared behind him. Without saying a word, his right hand was a little between his eyebrows. The second devil suddenly appeared and rushed into the herd crazily.