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"Being a boss is different!" Chen Hua's lingering joy. He Ming really did not want to say anything, when he went out, he could only give his mobile phone number to Chen Hua.

"Being a boss is different!" Chen Hua's lingering joy. He Ming really did not want to say anything, when he went out, he could only give his mobile phone number to Chen Hua. In this way, it was more convenient for Chen Hua to find him. This was not what he Ming wanted, but it happened naturally. Chen Hua at this time. Think of is another problem, he Ming is definitely not only a girl with a good relationship with the little girl. But why can't He Ming give her a chance? Do you think she is ugly? Thinking of this, Chen Hua angrily got up and walked toward the mirror, turning around a few times, feeling that she was the most sexy teacher in the University of Finance and Economics. She couldn't help but take a few catwalks, and she was more confident about her aptitude. Chen Hua immediately thought of what he looked like when he took a bath. So white. That kind of brilliance should be a delicious meal for any boy. Perhaps he Ming is because she is a teacher, so dare not. But not so much. He Ming is so cheerful, thinking so unique, not even this heart can not pass. On college campuses, there are too many cases of teachers and students falling in love. The more you think about it, the more confused you are. It's better not to think about it. It's better to put on lipstick. So Chen Hua's lips became more and more red, as if blood had just flowed from there. Back in the class, He Ming announced that the class meeting would be held in 606 classroom at 3 P. m. As soon as He Ming sat beside Liu Shaoqiang,Vending Machine Motor, Liu Shaoqiang asked excitedly, "He Ming, what's important about this class meeting?" He Ming said casually: "Good thing!" Liu Shaoqiang said hurriedly, "What good thing?" He Ming said: It has something to do with many of us. You'll know when the time comes. Liu Shaoqiang is not the only one at this time. Many students who have special skills in some aspects hope to have a competition suitable for themselves. In that way, you can fully prove your strength. Liu Shaoqiang could not help but fantasize that the best thing to do at the class meeting was to announce a pop song contest or something. In that way, he can enjoy the scenery as a matter of course. Although Chen Hua did not tell He Ming in detail what to announce at the class meeting, He Ming knew. In the memory of the past,micro gear motor, it is also time to announce the National College Calligraphy Competition, Karaoke Competition and Prose Competition to welcome the return of Hong Kong. This should be a good thing for many college students across the country, because there is a challenge to have motivation, always nothing to stimulate, people will become lazy. In life, He Ming is always looking for excitement, trying to make his life full, so that every day he is like a high-spirited fighter. If life is a battlefield without smoke, then everyone is a soldier, fighting for the happiness of himself and the people related to him. This is undoubtedly a tough battle. At noon, Liu Shaoqiang and Fan Datong forced He Ming to ask again. They wanted to know the content of the class meeting in advance. Their ideas were similar. But he Ming didn't say anything in the end. Anyway, he just didn't know. Cheng Guangming had no hope for this class meeting. Instead, small geared motors ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, he felt that this class meeting was very annoying. It was set at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. It was still a little early to go to dinner after the class meeting. It would have been better if it had been set at 4 o'clock. He lay down on the bed, closed his eyes, snored, and slept until almost 4 o'clock. After the class meeting, he just had a meal. After dinner, for him, the night life that has been gradually enriched will begin, tonight. He plans to go to Normal University to accompany Ma Yuemei to study at night. After a few more days of dating, he will ask Ma Yuemei to be his girlfriend, and it won't cost too much. Buy a few roses from the flower shop, get a cheap ring from the supermarket in Heming, and solve the problem. Lying on the bed, Cheng Guangming's face was full of resentment, but he still closed his eyes and wanted to sleep for a while. Liu Shaoqiang went under Cheng Guangming's bed and knocked on the small ladder with his fingers. Cheng Guangming opened his eyes for a moment with the sound of clanging. He poked his head out and looked at Liu Shaoqiang. "You're sick!" Liu Shaoqiang said sullenly, "I don't like you. Hurry down.". ” Cheng Guangming was a little annoyed and said, "I sleep in my sleep. Why don't you like me?" Liu Shaoqiang said in a cold voice, "You are a girl. Why are you still so lazy? As soon as you get back to the dormitory, you go to bed." It's like the floor of the dormitory can't stand! Cheng Guangming's anger was even greater: "Are you in charge?"? Do you have the ability to find a girl to date? Liu Shaoqiang disdained to say, "You think I am jealous of you. Dream on.". I think so. Ma Yuemei would be blind if she promised to be your girlfriend. Cheng Guangming said angrily, "Get out!" Turned over and went back to sleep. Although Liu Shaoqiang's body is far less strong than Cheng Guangming's, but let Cheng Guangming get out of bed to fight with Liu Shaoqiang, Cheng Guangming is afraid. The boy was so timid that he dared not spend the night in the supermarket alone. Liu Shaoqiang also did not understand why he had to challenge Cheng Guangming, very depressed sat on the chair, took a look at He Ming, curled his mouth. He Ming wanted to say something at this time, but he always felt that it was not the right time. To the university. People's thinking is much more mature than in middle school, although most people are fake mature, but the idea is hard. Let's wait for Cheng Guangming to suffer some more losses. At the class meeting in the afternoon, Chen Hua announced the National College Calligraphy Competition, Karaoke Competition and Prose Competition to welcome the return of Hong Kong. The contest is divided into three regions nationwide, namely, North China, Central China and South China. The guest of honor belongs to South China. Dongxing, where Bai Ling is located, belongs to Central China. Bai Ling is definitely going to take part in this competition. Pass the preliminary contest. We need to concentrate on another screening, and then enter the finals. Calligraphy contest is still divided into hard-pen group and soft-pen group, but the scope of awards has expanded a lot, each group has three special prizes, nine first prizes,Small Geared Motors, 18 second prizes, 30 third prizes and several excellent prizes. The process and award evaluation of Karaoke contest and prose contest are the same as that of calligraphy contest, so the possibility of winning the prize is much greater.