Unparalleled Seven Wonders

He even found it difficult to stand, and his whole body trembled like autumn leaves! Fang Yu has fallen to the ground, silent!

He even found it difficult to stand, and his whole body trembled like autumn leaves! Fang Yu has fallen to the ground, silent! By her side There's a pool of blood! Ning Wuque finally woke up from the shock, he half knelt beside Fang Yu, loudly calling Fang Yu, but she did not respond. Her face was as pale as paper, but there was no wound on her body. Then she must have suffered internal injuries! In a trance, he heard someone beside him say, "How could that man suddenly attack this girl just now?" "It's really strange," said the other. "I saw the two of them say a few words at the beginning.." Ning Buque was surprised: Could it be that the person who killed Miss Fang was someone Miss Fang knew? Most likely! Otherwise, with Fang Yu's martial arts. There are not many people who can defeat her in such a short time! Fang Yu gave a cry of surprise. He hurried over, and a mile was really not far for him now. Just then, a large group of people rushed over from the Escort Agency, led by Ma Xiaoyi! Ma Xiaoyi saw Fang Yu on the ground. He is astonied, aphonia path: "Brother Ning, who is the next vicious hand?" They probably also are to hear after screaming to just come. Ning Wuque shook his head and said, "I don't know." Then he said the thing roughly. Ma Xiaoyi also crouched down, probed Fang Yu's breath, his expression changed, and clasped his right hand on Fang Yu's pulse,12v High Torque Motor, his face solemn and solemn. Ning Wuque looked at him nervously. "" Miss Fang can still be saved, "said Ma Hsiao-yi at last. The meaning of "saved" is that she still has the possibility of being saved, but it is only possible. In Qunhao, there is no lack of skilled people, but after trying, are helpless, Fang Yu is still not awake,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, lying there silently, pale as paper! Ning Buque himself has tried, his research on medicine is really good, but unfortunately Fang Yu suffered from internal injuries, if you do not know what method the person who injured Fang Yu used, then it is extremely difficult to save Fang Yu. Including Ma Xiaoyi, no one could see what the other side had done to hurt Fang Yu. Fang Yu's breathing has completely stopped, but there is still a pulse, even more incredible is that her pulse has been very different from ordinary people, and the pulse of ordinary dying people is also very different! Her pulse is three times faster than normal! Qunhao went out to look for famous doctors, and then rushed back as quickly as possible! In this state, Fang Yu lay quietly for a day. Every hour, she would spit a big mouthful of blood! How much blood does a person have to spit? Ning Buque scurried around the house like a headless fly, walked for a while, Small Dc Gear Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, stopped again, took out a few medical books in the package and turned them over for a while, and was always disappointed in the end. In the evening, yuanqu found an old man with white hair and beard. The first impression of the old man was that he was immortal. In front of such an old man, everyone's heart can not help but calm down-rather than lack of the same, suddenly feel that Fang Yu must be saved, although he knows nothing about the old man's situation. "This is Mr. Tsai," said yuan Qu. The tone was extremely respectful, and it was a bit of trepidation. Ning Wuque does not know who Mr. Cai is, but listening to the tone of yuan Qu, Mr. Cai must be a very famous person, so Ning Wuque must respect and trust Mr. Cai without asking anything. Old Mr. Cai smiled and nodded to Ning Wuqie, and then approached Fang Yu with the help of yuan Qu. Old Mr. Tsai's face changed from sunny to cloudy. After a long time, he finally raised his head and said, "The old man can't save her." He went on to say, "The way she did it was very strange. Almost everyone believed that this kind of martial arts had been lost in the lake. So did I. I didn't expect it to appear on this girl today!" The heart that would rather not lack sank, drifting as if it could not always fall to the end, he opened his mouth, as if to say something, but there was no sound. Ma Xiaoyi lost his voice and said, "What kind of martial arts is this?"? Is Miss Fang sure to die? ?” Old Mr. Tsai said, "This girl's technique is called'unforgettable '. At this time, her inner skill is dormant in the girl's heart and bones. It recurs every other hour, and each time it becomes stronger and stronger. Finally.." "Mr. Tsai," said Ning Wuque eagerly, "if you know this kind of martial arts, you will certainly be able to save Miss Fang, right?" "I can't save her," said Mr. Tsai. "There's only one person in the world who can save her." Ning Wuque felt his heart beat faster all of a sudden. He didn't even dare to ask who this man was. He just looked at Mr. Cai nervously, as if he had opened his eyes by mistake, and the unexpected surprise would fly away again! Old Mr. Tsai said slowly, "This man is Bian Zuocheng, who is called'unattached '." "No ties" left city! yuan Qu and Ma Xiaoyi lost their voices at the same time and said, "Is that him?" "Do you both know this man?" Asked Ning Wuque? Where is he? ?” Ma Xiaoyi looked at him and said, "You don't even know him?" Ning Wuque shook his head and said to himself, "I didn't even know about you, Master Ma, until the last few days." Ma Xiaoyi was a little surprised and said, "Almost everyone in Jianghu knows the name of Bian Zuocheng. It is said that his medical skills and poison skills are so high that people can die nine times out of ten. It is said that he is over a hundred years old.." "Why are they all'said '?" Asked Ning Wuque. Ma Hsiao-yi said, "Because there are absolutely no more than three people who have really seen the city on the left of the border."! His medical skill is brilliant. But no one is willing to ask him unless it is absolutely necessary, and even if it is absolutely necessary, many people do not have the courage to ask him. Ning Wuque was even more confused. He had to ask, "Why?" Ma Xiaoyi's eyes flashed a strange look: "Because everyone who has begged him must bet with him." "A bet?" "Yes," said Ma Hsiao-yi, "it's a game of gambling with your life." When he said this,Micro Gear Motor, everyone in the room looked very dignified, solemn, and even a little uneasy. The air in the room suddenly became silent. ichgearmotor.com