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In an instant, nearly half of the people in the hall were gone. Anglie had already loosened the head of the cloud-swallowing beast,

In an instant, nearly half of the people in the hall were gone. Anglie had already loosened the head of the cloud-swallowing beast, and now the cloud-swallowing beast was lying on Anglie's arm like a domestic cat, not daring to move. His eyes and ears were all dry and bloodshot. Is there anything else next? The Blue Moon of the Sea Clan and others hesitated and got up to leave. This time their goal was achieved, and they had planned to discuss academic exchanges such as exchange quotas, but the sudden change led to a war between Ram's answer and the North Alliance, and this change had to go back immediately to inform the top level of the Sea Clan and redraw the attitude plan. To the death of the underground beetle wizard crying silver mine voluntarily sent a map of the distribution of the underground night elf empire, Angri prepared to go to the night elf territory, which spread throughout the wizarding world. He's expressing his good feelings in advance on behalf of the underground Zerg wizard organization. Then we also took our leave. Beetle wizards saluted Angley, then calmly left the hall and went down the spiral staircase. Only then did Dean Andy and Heather look at Anglie with worried faces. Don't worry, I'll get the college thing firmly under control before I leave. Anglie waved his hand. You know we didn't ask that. "Andy smiled bitterly." The Northland Alliance is too strong. You have only one man. I said it's all right. You go down. Angri,digital whiteboard price, repeat. Andy and Andy bowed and turned to walk to the exit. Before they got close to the stairs, they faintly heard cheers coming from under the tower. It was the cheers of many Academy wizards and apprentices who were completely released. Did you hear that? This is the will of the whole college. Anglie pointed down and smiled. We've been repressed for too long. Both of them looked at each other and saw bitterness and helplessness in each other's eyes. Don't worry, the rest of the surrounding Dark Wizard community won't sit idly by. Andy comforted the voice of the surname. It's a pity that we lost a lot this time. They will definitely let us play in front of us on the grounds of this matter. Said Hillary helplessly. This time it's really troublesome. I didn't expect to die for the sake of strength. "Maybe the old guys will do it themselves.". "Now we can only take one step at a time," Andy said, shaking his head at the other old woman. Let's go. We have to inform all the professors of the department,interactive kiosk price, as well as Sidri, to hold a college meeting directly to convey the wishes of Lord Angley. 624 Conflicts and Understanding 1 Three days later "On February 15, 2307 in the Gregorian calendar, the 13th Black Witch Alliance was officially launched." With a swish, the black-robed wizard wrote this line on the parchment. In the dense early morning forest, two teams of black-robed wizards gathered at the edge of a tower made of bones, and the two leading men calmly stretched out their right hands and held them firmly. On their right breasts, they wore black and gold eyeballs and red leaves. How many times is this our cooperation treaty? The man with the black gold eyeball badge smiled. The fifth time, Interactive digital signage ,smart interactive whiteboard, this time it was the guy in the north who caused trouble first. The Red Leaf Witch answered with a smile. The record wizard behind the two men recorded the process of the alliance contract meeting. The pale golden light fell on both wizards through the leaves, reflecting the light of silk faintly. Meanwhile, on the border of Black Witch Land and Northland, outside Snow Valley. On the grass mixed with snow and dust, a black hole the size of a fist suddenly sneaked out of a prairie chinchilla. The chinchilla rolled its eyes in a circle, and its thin body slowly came out of the hole and scurried a few times into the bushes and grass under the mountain wall not far away. There was a flutter in the grass, and soon a young man with a ragged body and a bloodstained face came out. He was discomfited, covered with dust and dried blood, and could hardly be seen except for his short brown hair. At this time, he was touching a black ring between his fingers excitedly. The Academy didn't give up on me! I still have hope to live! His voice was dry as if he had not spoken for years. Paramount was already desperate, but the Academy sent a signal at this time to inform him that reinforcements were approaching the valley. For so many days, Paramount, who had escaped the chase again and again, finally boiled his heart again. He rubbed the ring thirty-two times in a row. The black ring finally had a trace of black light, and a slight woman's voice came out. Paramount, the Great Wizard has heard about you, and he told you to hold on and not give up. The college will not punish itself for the fault of others. Behind you, there is a great wizard and the thousands of wizards and apprentices that Ram has answered. Don't be afraid! The Academy will never abandon you. We have officially declared war on the North, and the wizard team supporting you has set out. "Teacher Jola," Paramount breathed rapidly and became more and more emotional. I won't die! I'll be waiting for you! Absolutely There was silence over there. Take care, Paramount. I'll celebrate you when I get back. The black light of the ring slowly faded, but the light in Paramount's eyes became brighter and brighter. The wizard we Ram answered will never suffer in vain! Now we have the wizard standing behind us, and we are no longer in the same state as before. At the thought of this, Paramount seems to have a flame burning in its heart. He had waited too long, and the apprentice wizards of the Academy had waited too long. Finally, at this time. This feeling that there is a strong organization behind it. Later, when he could finally walk out,touch screen kiosk, he said out loud, 'I graduated from Ram's answer.'. The feeling that there is a strong organization behind it is very exciting and proud. He was no longer alone. The person we Ram answered is not a cat or a dog that can be bullied casually! Standing in the college's largest three-eyed conference hall, Dean Andy repeated the exact words from Anglie. We must use our strength to make everyone remember Ram's name! He raised his fist and looked down at the wizards and apprentice knights standing in the dark below. Let every student who walks out of the college be proud of the name Ram answered! Let anyone who hears the name stand in awe! 。 hsdtouch.com