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A monarch, but live like this, presumably his own heart is not willing to do? Mammy Qi seemed to have anticipated Jiang Luoyun's reaction.

A monarch, but live like this, presumably his own heart is not willing to do? Mammy Qi seemed to have anticipated Jiang Luoyun's reaction. Before she could open her mouth, she went on to say, "So the Empress Dowager came to remind the princess of her family.". Today's Jiang Chen imperial concubine is your majesty's obsession, the princess blindly in front of your majesty to trap Chen imperial concubine, is not the slightest benefit. Dare to ask the princess, why can't you learn from the Zhao sisters of the first Dynasty? …… The Zhao sisters? Jiang Luoyun's mind could not help but be slightly stunned. The Zhao sisters are Zhao Feiyan, the famous concubine of the first Dynasty, and Zhao Hede sisters. In the history books, although they are all the reputation of the palace, but the sisterhood, the two sisters together dominate the harem, and finally firmly hold the heart of the Han emperor, also once can be regarded as a strange story. Jiang Luoyun's mind was in a trance for a moment. He was stunned for a moment before he looked at Mammy Qi's face and asked, ".." Does the queen mother mean to let me in front of Jiang Niannian, make the appearance of sisterhood, in order to get your majesty's favor? "Mammy Qi laughed and said," The princess is really clever. …… But how hard is it for her! She had always known that this sister was only a substitute for herself, so although there was no disgust for her, she had never been indifferent,temperature scanning kiosks, even somewhat contemptuous. But now, she doesn't like her from the bottom of her heart! She hates Jiang Chenfei, how did she get so many people's favor? And how to block her way, let her even stay in Changan can't! What's more, Jiang Niannian even dared to design her, so that she completely lost his majesty's favor tonight. But the meaning of the queen mother, but unexpectedly let her for the favor of Emperor Zhao,facial recognition thermometer, to please the sister she did not like at all! How ironic it is. When Mammy Qi saw that she had not answered for a moment, her expression faded a little. Then she said, "The princess should know the importance of a moment. The princess needs to understand that even if the queen mother lacks the card of the empress, there are many women in the harem who want to get close to Your Majesty.". Only at that time, the princess no longer has the queen mother's help and advice! Jiang Chenfei naturally had time to spend in the palace, but the queen mother could not afford to wait. She could not let his Majesty's heart be wasted on a woman who did not care about her at all, and even secretly communicated with the powerful ministers in the court! Jiang Luoyun froze all over and slowed down for a long time. Then she lowered her eyes and said, ".." Mammy, please tell the queen mother that I understand. Only then did Mammy Qi nod with satisfaction: "So, that's excellent.". The queen mother also said that she looked forward to the day when you would regain your Majesty's favor. With that, Mammy Qi saluted and stepped down, leaving Jiang Luoyun alone, standing in place in a panic. The maid beside her urged her for a long time in a low voice, and then she came to her senses. The princess doesn't like the empress Chen, but she has to please her. Isn't the princess too wronged? But the maid asked. Jiang Luoyun bent his lips a little and said in a gentle voice, face recognition identification ,digital signage kiosk, "What is this grievance? Who let her be the favorite woman of Your Majesty?" …… Meanwhile, in the cold. A few palaces in the north were still as cold as usual. After Xu Zhiyu came over, she had a good harvest and planted a few pots of flowers and leaves, which made the place a little more lively. After all, she is also a bitter person, and naturally she is not so easy to fall down. That night, there was a rapid sound of footsteps outside, followed by a slight tapping through the wall. One time, two times, and finally stayed in the position of six times. This is the secret signal that she and He Xiangrong agreed to contact secretly. Xu Zhiyu hurriedly put down the potted plant in her hand and walked over quickly. Xiangrong, is that you? Her coda was a little shaky. He Xiangrong, however, did not have such a long time to stay in the cold palace, so he could only say all the big words and pick the short ones. Does the elder sister know that something happened in the palace recently? "Her voice was a little hurried." Prime Minister Gu took Concubine Jiang Chen out of the palace and brought her back to the prime minister's mansion. Or the second day your majesty went to the prime minister mansion to pick up! This matter has caused a storm in the city, but Chen Fei has not been punished for half a minute! Xu Zhiyu's pupil suddenly contracted and asked in a cold voice: "." What did you say It took her a long time before she went on to ask, "The prime minister openly brought Concubine Jiang Chen back to the mansion. Isn't this a great crime to foul the palace and the four courtiers?"! Besides her Chen Fei, who else dares to do such a thing?! "Of course," said He Xiangrong in a low voice! However, I do not know your majesty is because of reluctant to give up, or taboo prime minister adult view, unexpectedly did not dispose of Chen Fei. Xu Zhiyu's whole face is white, your majesty is born to be cool and thin, and it's all right to favor one over another. But the queen mother, she is not the most important palace rules of the people, why did not say the slightest?! However, the most painful thing in her heart was Gu Changqing. He was originally a virtuous and loyal minister who was entrusted by the late emperor to assist his majesty in the court, but for the sake of a woman in the harem, he did such a thing as to offend the superior and disturb the palace. Is he going to ruin all his reputation! Xu Zhiyu finally closed her eyes tightly. He Xiangrong naturally knew what Xu Zhiyu was thinking, because she knew Xu Zhiyu too well. With her feelings for Gu Changqing, I don't know how much I hate Jiang Chenfei in my heart. With her fingers clinging to the palace wall, she lowered her voice and said, "… …" Sister, do you know why I came to see my sister at this time? She paused for a long time before saying, "The Empress Dowager used to love Concubine Chen, but because of the rumors with the prime minister, Concubine Chen has now become the most feared person in the Empress Dowager's heart!"! So, ask elder sister to listen to me, if elder sister goes to beg queen mother at this time, queen mother perhaps can allow elder sister to come out? The mood of Xu Zhiyu's eyes finally changed several times. The queen mother was originally because of the imperial concubine Chen to punish her into the cold palace, but the matter has come to this point, the queen mother must not like Jiang Chenfei to continue to stay in your majesty's side, once again bring disaster to the palace. So, as long as she shows her determination to the queen mother, now is the best time to go out. After all, no matter who your majesty put on the apex of the heart, as long as it is not Jiang Chenfei,face recognition identification kiosk, it will be all right. But in this way, Chen Fei will be completely pushed to Gu Changqing, is she really willing? 47. No Chapter 47. hsdtouch.com