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Anyway, I haven't been injured or lost anything now, so there's no need to pursue any responsibility. I contacted the elves and told them that I had nothing to do now,

Anyway, I haven't been injured or lost anything now, so there's no need to pursue any responsibility. I contacted the elves and told them that I had nothing to do now, but the distance was a little far, and I had to walk back slowly. As soon as I turned off the communication, I patted myself heavily on the head. How could I be so stupid? I didn't know how to do such a simple thing. When I just got the news, I just needed to contact the elves. Why did I run so far. It seems that caring is really chaotic. Along the road of the Big Mac, I slowly walked towards the Elf Forest. Before I had taken two steps, I heard a small voice calling constantly: "Help, help.." Someone cries for help in a place like this? There is no mistake, dead is dead, but also drop a level, there is no big thing, but also need to call for help? Who would have saved you if I hadn't happened to pass by such a place. No, there are no humans here yet. I was startled to remember this, and the voice should be a woman's voice, that is to say, this call for help is probably a spirit or something. I didn't want to take care of it,interactive flat panel display, but if the elves knew that I was doing nothing to save the elves, I was afraid they would blame me to death. Besides, these elves are more beautiful than one, and they make people look very pleasing to the eye. Following the place where the sound came from, I looked for it carefully. There was no way. The elves were so small that I was afraid that if I stepped on them carelessly, I would be in trouble. Hey, you call,75 smart board, a little louder, or how do I know where you are? I shouted loudly, and the voice that had just called for help was gone. Hey, say something. How can I save you if you don't speak? I continued to shout, and there was no sound from the other side. Forget it. If you don't speak, I don't care. I'll go back. I said threateningly. You You Get your feet off me, you.. You stepped on me. The voice came from under my feet. Ah, what.. Surprised, I quickly lifted my feet, and a small butterfly was struggling in the soil. Can butterflies talk? My brain almost stopped working. When will a little butterfly be able to talk? I am not a butterfly, I am a butterfly demon, a beautiful butterfly demon in the world. The butterfly demon opened his mouth and said. A butterfly is a butterfly. It's beautiful. I think you're like a caterpillar now. Sure enough, the monster living in the elf forest is different from the ordinary monster, smart board interactive whiteboard ,65 inch smart board, and it is always beautiful. But she can't say how beautiful she is now. She's covered with mud, and no matter how beautiful she is, it's limited. You You The butterfly demon was so angry with me that he couldn't speak. Okay, what were you doing calling for help? I asked, not interested in quarreling with her or anything. I forgot. I forgot everything when I was stepped on by you. The butterfly demon turned over and ignored me. Oh, forget it. Forget it. Then I'll go. I said with a smile, "I'm still so arrogant if you ask me. See how I can cure you." Hey, wait.. As soon as I took two steps, the butterfly demon stopped me. If you have anything to say, I don't have time. I said, I'm not afraid you won't beg me. Wait, you're human. How did you get in here? The butterfly demon seemed to suddenly wake up and said. That's how you walk in. How else can you get in? I said, is it any wonder that I am human? I've been in front of you for so long, and now that I'm human, I'm not too slow. This is the Elven Forest. How can a human come in here? And, and you're a man, no, it's impossible. The butterfly demon said to me incredibly. What's impossible? I'm already here, aren't I? You're not an elf either. You can be here. Why can't I be here? I said with a smile. Of course I can be here. The elves here are all my friends. Don't go that way. That's the forest of elves. If you are caught by them, you will be miserable. The butterfly demon kindly reminded me. "Well, how did you get hurt? How can I help you?" I asked, for the sake of the butterfly demon's kindness to help me, I won't tease her. I just had a good time here, and suddenly I don't know where to run over a crazy horse? And it knocked me over here. As a result, you stepped on my foot. Do you think I have a hard life. Purr The butterfly demon suddenly cried and said. I said, "Why are all the monsters in your elf forest like this? They always cry." I said helplessly, Crazy Horse? Probably said that the Big Mac, just ran, not to mention this small butterfly demon, even the biggest monster, will also be hit by it to fly. Doesn't that work? But the mastermind tells us that as long as we cry, all human beings will be softhearted, and then if we have any request, you will agree to it in a muddle. The butterfly demon looked at me doubtfully and said, his face puzzled, and he stopped crying. Not all humans are like this. Come on, I'll take you back to the elven forest. I shrugged my shoulders and said. Monk's book "Outlaws of the Marsh" has come out, the book number is: 6396. The website is: p? b1_d=6396 You can also read or search the title of the book through the author's column! Please cast your votes on that book. The monk's book is in urgent need of votes. This book has two chapters a day, and the book has three chapters a day. Thank you Chapter 173 The first episode of the world out of my generation Chapter 173 "Well, thank you, you can put me here, the front is the elf forest,digital interactive whiteboard, you go in trouble, they will regard you as the enemy.". If only you were a girl, then I could help you get an elf as a pet. The butterfly demon sat on my shoulder and chattered.