Jade on the brocade

Although she felt that the second leg of the Lee family was broken, it was better for Kim. Isn't this the purpose of entering the palace?

Although she felt that the second leg of the Lee family was broken, it was better for Kim. Isn't this the purpose of entering the palace? Without waiting for her to beg, the Empress Dowager arranged the imperial doctor for her. Kim quickly got up and thanked the two empresses, saying that Master Li was still lying in bed waiting for her to serve him, and that he would go to the palace next time to thank the two empresses. Empress Dowager Li also rewarded some medicinal snacks and asked her to take them home with her. Li Laoer broke his leg, Wang Shi secretly proud at home, suddenly heard Jin Shi into the palace invited the doctor, and the Empress Dowager rewarded a lot of precious medicinal materials, and angry black a face, now three rooms and two rooms, in front of the Empress Dowager more and more face, only their big room.. It's all caused by the dead girl of the debt collector. No, no, we have to ask the dead girl for something to fill it. Wang Shi, with a black face, went out to find Li Lingyi to pay for her mental loss. It is said that Gao Mu would rather kill by mistake than let go, but Tian Yuping is not so urgent. Gao Mu wanted to be "justified", and Tian Yuping, in his capacity, wanted to sit in that position, so he had to start to grab a road. As soon as Gao Lin died, the king would be in chaos. He just took advantage of the chaos and took the capital with the help of Tartars. Zheng Yuyi came to Li Fu, after seeing Li Laoer, only said that it was no big deal, but to have a good rest, and this leg, it is impossible to go back to the past. Li Laoer,smartboard for business, who was lying on the bed, was so angry that he rolled his eyes. His legs and feet were not sharp, and it was no big deal? Feelings in the eyes of this old man, broken hands and feet is a big obstacle, or no life is a big obstacle? This dead old man is not to see a doctor, clearly is to make him angry ah! I really want to refuse to take the medicine prescribed by Zheng Yuyi in a fit of pique, but in the capital, this old man Zheng has the best bone-setting skills. If he doesn't take his medicine, what if he really limps? In fact, Li Laoer fell very badly. Whether he took the medicine or not,65 inch touch screen, he had to limp. It was just a difference in severity. After the fall of Li Laoer designed by Gao Mu, he waited for two days, but still did not see any action from the other side, but became more anxious. However, the urgent thing to do must be done, such as pleasing "Song Yu" is the first one. This day Gao Mu found a restaurant that makes sheep soup, and it's best to warm up with a bowl of sheep soup in winter. While the weather was fine and there was no snow, he invited "Song Yu" to eat mutton soup in a restaurant. On the prairie, Wen Yuer ate beef and mutton for a month or so, although after such a long time, now in retrospect, the tip of the nose seems to linger with a smell of mutton, almost spit out again. But Gao Mu has invited, she also must go, not for other to inquire about the inside story is also good. During the special period, Gao Lin did not want her to run around, fearing that she would be in danger, but Wen Yuer went down to the court and went directly out of the palace, interactive touch screens education ,classroom interactive whiteboard, which was beyond Gao Lin's reach. Wen Yuer now also dare not take too much risk, before going to work with the sword shadow, although now turned into the imperial bodyguard with a knife, after all, is a dark guard background, temporary guest in an old line of work, for him is nothing. Wen Yuer came to the sheep soup restaurant, Gao Mu had already arrived, originally two people made an appointment to come together, but Wen Yuer had something to do temporarily, asked the address of the sheep soup restaurant, let Gao Mu go first. In the private room near the window on the second floor, the steaming pot of mutton soup had been installed on the table, and I didn't know what secret recipe the shopkeeper used, but there was no smell of mutton in the room. After Wen Yuer sat down, Gao Mu rolled up his sleeves and filled her with a bowl of sheep soup in person. Milky white soup, floating green coriander, looks very delicious, Wen Yuer could not help but move her index finger, one breath will be a large bowl of sheep soup to drink up. After a bowl of hot soup, the stomach was warm, and there were fine beads of sweat oozing from the tip of the nose. Gao Mu sees "Song Yu" good this one, after a bowl of sheep soup sees the bottom, immediately gallantly added a bowl to her! Chapter 392 acquaintances. Looking at Gao Mu, who flattered herself, Wen Yuer said to herself that she was able to bend and stretch. But Wen Yuer also understood in her heart how attentive she was now, and if she had the chance to let him succeed, she would get it back a hundred times and a thousand times. Five childe is really a will eat, this sheep soup restaurant is so remote, unexpectedly also asked you to find. ” Wen Yuer looked around, "Xiaguan saw the sky walking through the streets and alleys in Anyang City, but he didn't know there was such a good place." Gao Mu laughed, "Lord Song is busy every day, which is like me doing nothing, not looking for food all over the street!" Gao Mu said that Wen Yuer was not very good to pick up, deliberately ignoring the mystery in his words, and cast his eyes on the table, the big basin of mutton soup. This mutton is simmering crispy, and the heat is just right. Don't just watch me eat it. Five Childe also taste it. The pot was too hot and Wen Yuer dared not start, so she knocked on the edge of the pot with chopsticks. Gao Mu scooped up a bowl of sheep soup for himself and drank it so loudly that he grinned. "Lord Song won't mind that this childe is too rude to drink soup, will he?" Without waiting for Wen Yuer to answer, he said to himself, "My father has many sons. When he was young, he didn't pay much attention to our brothers. He couldn't see him once in ten days and a half months. He was usually accompanied only by the wet nurse and a houseful of servant girls. So he learned this problem from the wet nurse." Gao Mu smiled shyly, but at this time he showed some sincerity. "If you don't make this snoring sound, you will feel that the soup is not fragrant and tasty enough." Wen Yuer thought, unexpectedly this Gao Mu, to his wet nurse to have some true meaning. He immediately expressed that he had no opinion about his "little hobby". Also do not know is Gao Mu happy to eat, or feel to flatter "Song Yu", unexpectedly downstairs, carrying the piano, a pair of singing father and daughter called up, ordered a ditty, while listening to the song, while drinking mutton soup. Wen Yuer felt too cruel, simply extremely cruel! He sat at the table to eat and drink, let the little girl father and daughter, hungry stomach, smell the fragrance of hook people to play the piano and sing for them. If it were her,smart board whiteboard, she would have played the wrong note. Wen Yu-er was originally a soft-hearted, coupled with pregnancy, but also can not see the suffering of children. hsdsmartboard.com