Luo Lin "Dancer, come back!"

"Dancer, come back!" Just as the dancer was holding his breath and was about to try to break through the boundary, Xuanling suddenly opened his mouth,

"Dancer, come back!" Just as the dancer was holding his breath and was about to try to break through the boundary, Xuanling suddenly opened his mouth, although his tone was still light. But with a touch of weirdness. Why! I'll try! The dancer grumbled and turned back unwillingly, trying to continue struggling for permission to continue the pursuit. But only looked back, let him clearly see the other side that seems a little not very bright face. Dancers have always been very knowledgeable about the current affairs of Junjie, after discovering the strange face of Xuanling, hurriedly swallowed all the unfinished protests back, did not dare to put a fart on the dejected retreat, by the way, trembling in the corner to think to himself, do not know where he did not do a good job to make the uncle unhappy-is it because he missed? So Xuanling is blaming him for not attacking accurately enough?! Xuanling frowned, walked to the secret passage, stared down for a moment, then suddenly knelt on one knee at the entrance of the cave, and at the same time stretched out his hand into the secret passage without hindrance. Seeing this scene in front of him, the dancer's jaw almost fell to the ground-why would that pervert not be stopped if he reached in?! This is so unfair! Although I have heard that the rebirth system has intelligent thinking,fake blossom tree, but how should not be so intelligent to bully the weak and fear the strong?! Ah, Bah! No, he doesn't mean he's a softie! While the dancer was still busy thinking about why he and Xuanling had two different treatments, Xuanling's arm, which reached into the secret passage under the ground, suddenly stopped and sank sharply, and then began to pull back slowly bit by bit,silk ficus tree, and the arm was tight. He seemed to be pulling something heavy. But just half way back, there was a noisy sound of footsteps in the distance, mixed with the collision of armor from time to time, Xuan Ling frowned slightly, thinking of the team sent to support the prison personnel. After hesitating for a moment, he suddenly withdrew his arm with a sudden force, and his body stood up and retreated a few steps, like the last hook action in fishing, pulling out the woman in black who had just been attacked by the dancer in the secret passage, and quickly retreated a few steps into his arms. The dancer gaped at the woman who was held in Xuanling's arms, and a guess about the identity of the other party emerged in his mind-is it difficult for the woman who robbed the prison to be Lolo?! Yes! It must be her! Looking at the other side in the arms of Xuanling confused blinking big eyes looking left and right that kind of familiar look, not Lolo who else can be?! Affirming the identity of the other party, silk ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, the dancer stared and did not know what to do. Is to quickly go up and quickly apologize for mistakes, or while Xuanling did not come up with any ruthless move to retaliate against him before quickly break their own ah?! Shit! Why does this woman have to stick her nose into everything! "Is it your mission?!" Xuanling didn't seem to care much about the robbery of the prison in his main city, so he locked the little woman in his arms with his eyes and asked lightly. How interesting Lolo laughed awkwardly twice, scratched his cheek with embarrassment, and his eyes fluttered left and right with a guilty conscience, but he dared not look at him. I heard that someone made trouble in the castellan mansion a few days ago. It can't be you, too. Xuan Ling paused and did not intend to let the little girl be an ostrich. He continued to extort a confession. At the same time, he made a little threat: "If you don't answer quickly, the soldiers will arrive." "Cough.." That one Lolo buried her little head with a guilty conscience, and her reaction was almost like telling someone the answer-she did the right thing! “…… Sure enough! After Xuanling was silent for a while, he gave a faint snort, and then put the man down with the same expression, and a teleportation went in the direction where the footsteps of the soldiers were coming, and soon. Over there, there was the sound of war. Lolo swallowed a little saliva, hesitated for a moment, and finally stood where he was, waiting for Rod and others to come out of the secret passage, and by the way, waiting for Xuanling to send off the soldiers and come to her again. He doesn't hit women, does he?! "I said sister-in-law!"! I don't like you to always turn your elbow out like this! Taking advantage of the opportunity that Luoluo was honestly standing in front of the secret passage and Xuanling was not present, the dancer hurried forward to complain: "If the main city of the eldest brother is destroyed, it will be no good for you!"! Besides, you don't say in advance to act, but also wearing night clothes so that people can not recognize, in case the next time I really accidentally killed how to do?! That's one body and two lives! The last sentence is the key, and its subtext is-please don't involve me if you want to play or make trouble! One corpse and two lives seem to be used to describe the death of a pregnant woman, and it has nothing to do with her. Lolo glanced at the past gloomily, and had no enthusiasm for criticizing and correcting the occasional incoherence in the dancers'mouths. After a while, Rod and other players climbed out of the secret entrance one after another, relying on their own strength. Because Lolola can't move them, and the dancers can't be bothered to pull them. After Rod thanked Lolo, the task was finally declared complete with the sound of the melodious system. Some of the illegal players who escaped from prison left after thanking each other, while others could not wait to start fighting with each other to celebrate their return to the light of day in this unique form. Looking at that posture, the day when they go back to prison should not be too far away. Thank you! Little beauty! The mysterious man in black who had just poisoned the guards came over through the crowd. Standing in front of Lolo, he thanked him, followed by several players who had just been locked up in prison. He looked behind him with his thumb, smiling, and seemed to be in a good mood: "If you didn't know how to unlock, they wouldn't be able to come out so quickly.". These little bastards are so lucky that I haven't been rescued halfway when I was locked up! "You're welcome." Lolong replied in a nerdy way,faux ficus tree, and her mind was still revolving around the matter of letting the prisoner of Xuanling run away without permission. Now she saw a large group of "evidence" of her prison escape standing in front of her, and she was even more guilty and timid. She hurriedly gave the hot credit to the man beside her: "He taught me to unlock it!"! Thank him if you want to! As he spoke, he pushed out the dancers beside him.