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And Xi clenched his fist, from entering the door to now, he has been cold and indifferent. Even if she was slow and late,

And Xi clenched his fist, from entering the door to now, he has been cold and indifferent. Even if she was slow and late, she knew that he was determined to break up with her. Zhao Weihang, I take back the brainless nonsense I just said. Whether you go to Tibet or to the moon, where you like to go, whether you are fat or thin, it seems that it is not something I need to worry about! She jumped off the sofa as if she had stepped on something and sprained her ankle. But at this time, she only gritted her teeth to save face. Walking to the door, she picked up the key chain, picked out the house here, unloaded it, and patted it on the shoe cabinet. Here's the key. It's all yours from now on. Zhao Weihang tried to pull her in the back, "you say clearly, what's the matter with Xiao Qiao?" Qiexi suddenly shook off Zhao Weihang's hand. "He insisted on pulling me into the car and sending me over." Perhaps it was because he needed to bend down to lift his shoes and squat too low. Tears came out again, but he still turned his back to him and said: "I, I've been here anyway, and I have a confession. Take care of yourself." To his parents, to Qiao Weiyue, to Zhao Weihang, and more importantly, to have an account of his own heart, after all, can not be reunited. She unlocked the door and pushed it open. But Zhao Weihang grabbed her again. "You mean, if Xiao Qiao doesn't come to you, you won't come, right?". Gu Qiexi, are you so sincere?! And Xi was angered by his words, "sincerity, what position do you have to talk to me about sincerity?"? After the divorce, you disappeared from the world, and you didn't even give me so much sincerity! If I am not sincere again, I will come. If I am not sincere again, I will say that I will shamelessly go to Tibet with you. If I are not sincere, I have tried to show my heart. Of course, my sincerity is obviously not what you want. Such sincerity,outdoor palm trees, on the contrary, is a burden. What's the point of more or less? And happy to say, from the initial excitement, into a little bit of bitterness. In the final analysis, the relationship between two people, there is no solid foundation, there is no love, at this moment what position to ask, to ask? Qiexi pushed the door open and walked out, but Zhao Weihang still held his wrist and refused to let go. You let go! "Come in first and talk about it in the house." "I don't!" And Xi broke away from Zhao Weihang's grip and ran downstairs. Can not go down a few steps, one foot empty, the whole person suddenly slipped down, Zhao Weihang chased behind, also failed to catch her, watching her fall down. Although the height difference is not big, she likes the half-sitting sliding posture, even if she falls to the half-floor place, she will not be injured. But because of the sudden incident, large ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, she had not received this kind of emergency protection training, subconsciously felt that she needed to stop, so she stretched out her feet in front of her, trying to stop herself. The foot she used, which happened to be the one that jumped off the sofa and twisted a little, went down sideways and finally stepped on the ground. At this time, Zhao Weihang had jumped down three steps and two steps, and picked up Qexi who had just fallen to the ground. And Xi struggled, "I'm all right, you put me down!" Zhao Weihang hugged her tightly. "Do you have to call out all the neighbors?"? This is a colleague from your school. And Xi immediately kept silent and obediently let him hold him back. As soon as he entered the room, he jumped down from him, and as soon as his feet touched the ground, she fell aside. That foot, not much heart-rending pain, can endure, but completely unable to eat strength, can not support their own body. Can't you go on for a while? Zhao Weihang saw her fall down, and now he was already distressed and somewhat exasperated. He reported her to the bed and looked at her feet, but there was nothing unusual on the surface. Does it hurt if you don't touch it? "No pain." "Fortunately, there should be no fracture." Zhao Weihang raised one of her feet and pressed it gently. "Does it hurt?" He pressed a little bit around the ankle bone, but he never made a sound. He looked up at her and asked, "Doesn't it hurt?"? If you don't twist it, how can you not stand? And pleased with a face of helplessness, "I said Zhao adult," unconsciously used the previous name, "not this foot is not good, is the right foot. ” Confused for a long time, and happy feet have gradually swollen up. Her feet were small and white and swollen, and they looked only small and fat, but not very frightening. Zhao Weihang did not give her to check the foot, he did not dare to touch, to listen to the inside to find a cell phone, handed to Qiexi, "quickly call Ding Zhisu, ask her what we should do now." "Oh." Phone call in the past, and Xi has not had time to make a sound, there came the voice of Zheng Youqing: "Ding Zhi is in the bath, something to call tomorrow." After that, it was very simple to hang up. And Xi returned the mobile phone to Zhao Weihang, "I'm not here." "Then let's go to the hospital." Zhao Weihang said, trying to pick up Qiexi. Twisted foot, can be big or small. She couldn't stand just now. If she had a fracture or something like a fracture, she would be in trouble. And he grabbed the bed and refused to let him pick it up easily. I'm fine. Don't always hug me around. But now her feet are not strong enough, even the strength of her hands has been discounted, so, in fact, she has tried her best to resist, it looks like a symbolic resistance to two times, was uprooted by Zhao Weihang. The tears I shed for him before are now flooding again because of the feeling of powerlessness at the moment. Zhao Weihang, you put me down, I won't go to the hospital! And Xi had no choice but to swing her fist, the more powerless to beat, the more sad to cry. Beilai, shouldn't it be a natural and unrestrained exit? But she rolled down the steps, but also to accept the help of Zhao Weihang, who did not want her, so ruthless, so that she became so embarrassed. She is doomed not to be a tragic heroine,decorative palm trees, but to participate in farces and interpret her heart with comedy. Zhao Weihang was so stubborn that he had to put her back on the bed. Wait a minute. I'll get a towel for you. Although Qiexi has been unable to calm down and think, he still remembers the common sense of dealing with sports injuries. Just as I was about to go out, my cell phone rang. It was Ding Zhiyu.