Peerless evil spirit

The root of the man-eating flower is so big that it sticks in the soil and occupies a large area, while there is not a blade of grass around it,

The root of the man-eating flower is so big that it sticks in the soil and occupies a large area, while there is not a blade of grass around it, and only trees grow 100 meters away. Insect King and I are now under a big tree 200 meters away. Looking up, we can see a huge row of flowers and leaves stretching into the sky. On the leafless flower path at the top, there is a string of huge yellow flowers, all of which are very beautiful and have a very good appetite. There is a small hole in the root facing us. Well, in fact, the hole is not small, but compared with this strange flower, it is as small as the eye of a needle. This hole is where we just rushed out, and now some light green juice is slowly oozing out of the gap, and the two leaves beside it are swinging back and forth, as if they were looking for the culprit who hurt it. "Hello!"! A little fat I poked a worm king stuck in the earth. "Are you sure this guy is a level 65 monster?"? I don't think so. I now doubt what the Worm King just said, with the size of this guy, I also believe that it is a god-level BOSS, level 65 … Well. The Worm King pulled his head out of the earth, shook his big head, and took a glance at the man-eating flower. Pangu, this guy is so big! Why, haven't you seen this flower? Didn't you say that you and the seance had said hello to it? The Worm King shook his head. "The last time I came out, the old master had beaten it into ashes. I didn't see anything except a pile of ashes. How could I know it was a flower? I thought it was a monster. But the old master's move was really awesome. I.." "All right,artificial coconut palm trees, all right." I'll break the Worm King quickly. " I'm just asking you if he can just answer yes or no, without so much nonsense! "Yes!" The Worm King blinked his mung bean eyes and seemed to want to say something else, but he dared not open his mouth. Since it was level 65- "I took one look at the Worm King and sat on the ground with my finger pointing to the man-eating flower." I order you, as master, to help me kill it! "Yes, sir!"! Master Worm King twisted his big buttocks and rushed up, but just rushed back dozens of meters, looking at me doubtfully,fake ficus tree, "Master, where should I attack it?" …… I want to vomit blood.. "Your grandmother's legs!" Pointing at the Worm King, I shouted, "You ask me, who will I ask?"? Who gave me a guarantee that I could kill this guy? Don't know where to attack? You just give me a full body attack! "My Pangu God!" The Worm King looked at it with a sad face. I'll work myself to death! Why don't we go, master? He didn't see us anyway. ………… "Forget it, come here!" I called the Worm King to my side. Sitting on his big head, he took out the golden key, opened the task description and looked at it. Alas, it was really troublesome to have no solitary shadow around. The mission description is very wordy. Generally speaking, it's just one sentence. Let me find a hole in the ground on Sumeru Island, open a door in the hole, and find the gold base of the mission item. The hint of the location of the hole is only eight words. The land of buried treasure, the vision of a lifetime. I looked up at the endless forest and patted the insect king helplessly. Xiaopang, you have to work hard. Search the whole island as fast as you can. Tell me if you see something unusual. I have no choice but to use this stupid method. Insect king and Qinglan are different, large palm trees for sale ,silk cherry blossom tree, completely do not know how to write the word "idle work", very seriously carried out my orders, carrying me on the island hundreds of miles around was plowed again, when we whirled the carpet search, we returned to the center of the island-next to the man-eating flower.. "Alas," I sighed, hammering my sore and numb legs, aiming. All over the island. Other places are very normal, like other places in the flood and famine, there are flowers, grass and small monsters, now it seems that the only one can be called. Yes, it's the big cannibal flower in front of us. Patting the insect king, I opened my mouth helplessly, "Xiao Pang, under what circumstances do you say that a 65-level cannibal flower will mutate and grow bigger than a giant tree of ten thousand years?" The Worm King blinked and looked at me doubtfully. "Yes, why is it so big?" “……” I am speechless, forget it, regardless of this brain-damaged insect king, or think about the location of the hole in the ground! — The girth of the man-eating flower is a little fatter than the giant tree next to it. If this guy is a pure plant and can't move, then that is to say, it originally grew in this position. After the plant monster was killed, it would leave a seed in place, and then grow a new place again, that is, the plant monster refreshed. The man-eating flower grew so big, that is to say, The treasure that affected it was under its fibrous roots, but I didn't know if it would be angry with me if I dug it down. Xiaopang, I now order you to dig a hole in the ground from here to the root of the flower! The insect king looked at the man-eating flower and then looked at me, "Master, I am not a cutworm, I am a flying insect, I can't drill holes.." "If you can't drill, you have to drill for me!" I crossed my waist and couldn't help getting angry with the insect king again. "If it's not a cutworm, you can't drill holes. You're so big in vain that you can't even dig holes?!"! Dig for me and I'll teach you! ………… Finally, under my guidance, our lovely Worm King finally learned the profound knowledge of digging holes. Looking at the deeper and deeper hole, I am a little proud. I am so awesome that I can teach pets to learn life skills. If I want to dig a hole and frame people in the future, I will not worry about the labor force. Gaga ~ "Master, I have found a stone slab!" The dull voice of the Worm King came from the cave. I quickly jumped down and ran along the huge hole in the direction of the insect king. "Break it open!" Rumbling, with my command, a burst of earth shaking, the top of the earth rustled down, I was running in the hole instantly dusty, but I did not care so much, hurriedly ran to the side of the insect king,artificial banyan trees, a hard push, the insect king who had not stood firm fell down toward the hole he hit, I also jumped down.