Cute Wife: Uncle, I Was Wrong

But Ou Shitong knew that turning the huge screen was the staircase, from which he slowly went up to Gu Shaobei's bedroom, which was all solid wood furniture,

But Ou Shitong knew that turning the huge screen was the staircase, from which he slowly went up to Gu Shaobei's bedroom, which was all solid wood furniture, tidied up, but in front of the window, a clump of mint was planted, bringing a trace of fragrance to the stale breath. At this time, Uncle Quan, who had been following him silently, said, "Don't worry. In fact, Third Master's mother won't embarrass you any more." Ou Shitong glanced at Gu Shaobei. He nodded and explained, "I talked to her." I don't know how he talked with his mother, but because of this sentence, the heart that had been perturbed before finally relaxed. So as soon as she sat down on the sofa, she was a little sleepy. Suddenly she felt a dark shadow approaching, and she opened her eyes in horror. Gu Shaobei's face flashed a trace of embarrassment, holding a thin blanket in his hand: "I see you held my hand today.". Thought you weren't that scared. Ou Shitong knew that he had always been a cold and self-restrained person, but the frightened and helpless expression just now was quite different from his usual appearance. He felt that he was not so mature. Yes, Gu Shaobei was only in his thirties. How long had he started his life? Thinking so, she looked at him and laughed, feeling that the fear seemed to be much less. So he leaned over to kiss her. Ou Shitong suddenly contracted his pupils and covered his mouth. I want to retch. I'm sorry, I- "She didn't know how she could be so useless,fake ficus tree, and the confidence she had just built was about to collapse.". Gu Shaobei went to touch her face and sighed for a long time: "Shi Tong, you silly child, you have a fever, don't you know?" Ou Shitong was surprised to remove his hand covering his mouth and murmured, "It's not mental trauma, is it fever?" She does feel hot. Although it was autumn, the weather was very hot today, and she thought it was because of the hot and dry weather. Gu Shaobei asked Uncle Quan to invite a doctor to come over and examine her. She really had a fever and prescribed antipyretic medicine,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, all of which were traditional Chinese medicine. Ou Shitong smelled the medicine and wanted to retch. Can I take Western medicine? Chinese medicine tastes terrible, and I will vomit even if I drink it. She spoke in a low voice like a gnat, carefully looking at Gu Shaobei's expression. It's all right. Be obedient. Drink up and give you candy. Gu Shaobei's tone was gentle, but he never resisted. She lowered her head and sighed, feeling that she was too ignorant: "I'm sorry, I really can't eat, not on purpose." It doesn't matter, you are still young. It's cute to be delicate. His sudden flirtation threw her into confusion. "I'm not small," he retorted vaguely. "She said she was not young. When she was in bed, she was so shy that she kept shrinking. She was very wary of men and women. If she had been married for many years, she would not be like you. When something happened, the sky would fall down." Gu Shaobei smiled faintly, holding her hand, and when she said this, she was very careful, always looking at her expression. Ou Shitong was stupefied. Did he really make a mountain out of a molehill? However, faux grass wall ,outdoor ficus tree, Lin Jinhuai did not succeed. One of the two old people in the Lin family went crazy and the other died. The scar in my heart seemed to itch and heal a little. Do you really not dislike me? She peeked at him. Gu Shaobei sighed, simply picked up the bowl to feed her personally: "I love you too late." Ou Shitong drank the medicine blankly, and as soon as he felt a little sick, he was stuffed with a piece of candied fruit by Gu Shaobei. She also because of his love words just now. I was so moved that I didn't notice the bitterness at all. Just a little embarrassed to look at him, perhaps she is really too young, men and women have only experienced once. Gu Shaobei stretched out his finger and wiped the juice on her lips. He said helplessly, "If I had known a love word could make you drink the medicine, I should have said more to you." This made her so embarrassed that she just wanted to dig a hole in the ground. Are you tired? Get some sleep and I'll stay with you. Ou Shitong embarrassed tunnel, these days, he is not working is to accompany her, before saving her, hit the back, he is not very flexible now. Then you can't peek. Gu Shaobei laughed. Ou Shitong pouted. "I'm not looking." Turned to look at the window, mint green as green, a look back, Gu Shaobei is really asleep. For the first time, she saw him sleep so defenseless, without the usual sober, decisive look, long eyelashes forming a small shadow on his face, very handsome, very charming, so she stared at him, closer and closer, do not know what to do, but can not help it. He must be a goblin, otherwise, now he is not close, but she wants to be close to him more and more. With a perturbed state of mind, she approached Gu Shaobei little by little, even close enough to count the number of his eyelashes. Just at that moment, his eyes suddenly opened. The fundus of the eyes looked sleepy and dull. She paused, turned quickly, turned her head to the other side and pretended to be asleep. Gu Shaobei seemed to sit next to her for a while, and he got up and went outside to ask the maid to come and carry her to bed. Ou Shitong felt lost in her heart. In fact, she wanted to try to let him hold her. She thought that maybe her fear of men had been solved by him. I don't know when the fake sleep turned into real sleep. When I woke up, I heard Mrs. Gu chatting with Gu Shaobei through a screen. Shaobei, look at the morning light. He is promising now. Although he is a woman outside, he always has a son. Your father looks at him with a different expression. Do your best. This wench, if you like it, marry it, but you can't have no one outside, in short, give birth to a son as soon as possible, I can rest assured. Jiang Fu always spoke so naturally, but she never did so to the rest of the family. This is your own husband, isn't it? Every time Ou Shitong hears it, he can't stop feeling sorry for Gu Shaobei. Mom, Shaobei. Ou Shitong tidied himself up and got up from the bed. See Gu Shaobei is sitting on the imperial concubine chair, holding a pile of design drawings in his hand, sometimes with a sharp pencil to modify one or two. And Mrs. Gu,Faux cherry blossom tree, like all the elderly women, stood beside Gu Shaobei, chattering endlessly.