A warm atmosphere

How do you determine the correct ambience?

The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, even though there were only a handful of people, which didn’t prevent Reverend Olive, the church’s minister, from cracking a few jokes and being overly joyful.I lip synced even louder because I knew some of the words!It was now time for the main event, a reading by the visiting medium.This week it was Karen, who was from a small town a few hundred kilometres away.A diminutive lady with glasses, Karen informed us that this was her first time in front of a spiritualist church service, and to help herself relax she told a joke about being reborn as a rabbit on a golf course.Oh dear, here we go, I thought.I held my ground, trying not to show any emotion.Please, please say something that means something!Don’t give too much information, but still give some feedback to the medium so they know how things are going.It’s considered rude to sit there coldly like a stunned mullet and not give anything away just to prove a point.‘There’s a lady behind you.Very proper and upright.I get the feeling of an aunt.‘She knows all her P’s and Q’s.I see her on a horse.She also has a parasol.You may not have known this woman, but she’s coming through.Does this mean anything?’‘I don’t think so.I did have a great Aunt Jo, but I don’t know much about her.’‘Okay, I’m getting the feeling of crash and burn.Are you burning the candle at both ends or know someone who is?’‘Yes.I friend of mine has been doing that.’‘Yay, thanks!I get the feeling of crash and burn with them.There’s going to be a move of some sort with your work.I think Karen gave up on me at that point and turned her attention to someone a little more helpful.The second visitNot satisfied with just one visit to the spiritualist church, I went back again and curiosity got the better of Andy and he decided to forgo a relaxing Sunday sleep in to join me and see what all this ‘funny stuff’ was about.Why didn’t that happen on my first visit?There was paranormal activity happening in front on me, right here in this room.If that had happened at home I would have been out the door, but everyone was just passing it off as though it was an everyday occurrence.