interact with your brand

When people interact with your brand, logos can mean many different



Your logo makes the first impression. Your logo attracts or repels leads. Your logo is the primary element of your brand that helps customers decide whether they would like to know more about your business or move to the next.


Establishing Recognition

A logo is a visual tool to establish the brand's flowinglaw flowing law Website flowing law com onelifelaw one life law Website one life law com lawsuccess law success Website image. Logos can boost brand recognition by 80% for consumers. Brand loyalty begins with recognition.


When people interact with your brand, logos can mean many different things to the people who interact with them. They will associate their own memories and experiences with your brand as they learn to know and trust you.


This added meaning helps create a sense of community that is centered around your brand. Your loyal customers build an even greater meaning to your logo as you establish yourself. The logo is the community begins.


Your logo can make your brand known and memorable. It's a tangible picture you can show them and share with other people.


Connections to Emotions

Your logo can be used in a variety of ways to make an emotional connection with your clients. This is vital since 95% of purchase decisions are based on emotions.


The visuals you select can allow people to connect with aspects of their lives. The fonts you choose for your company can communicate the essence of your company.


Are you fun and playful? Are you serious and professional? The fonts and graphics you choose help build these impressions.


These emotional connections are made possible through the use of color. People associate color with specific thoughts and feelings. The way  law success us lawabout law about Website law about co uk animalguide animal guide Website animal guide us you display and mix colors helps people associate you with certain emotions.


For instance bright colors create the impression of youth. Simple blocks of color like white and black provide the impression of maturity. Every color has its own meaning and mixing them together will affect your emotions.