Cyberpunk delays the expansion of "Path of Exile"

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Path of Exile was originally supposed to be released on December 11, but now dangerously close to December 10, it is now cyberpunk. This is certainly not uncommon. Publishers sometimes take such steps, but developers rarely admit that the cause is competition. However, in this case, Grinding Gear Games studio is completely open.

Although they decided to move the new expansion to January, they will be able to complete all tasks on time and also improve the POE Currency system. But they don't want to force players to choose between two championships. It's clear why. However, the scope of expansion will not change, and everything should be ready in the first half of December. Before releasing the extension, work will begin in the next part.

But in order to make players rare during the Christmas season, the developers are planning at least one special event. Otherwise, the timetable change will not have a significant impact on the work of the studio, and the author is currently collecting "viewpoints" on the Internet out of good faith. Although, of course it is calculus. After all, if the term "cyberpunk" also worries other publishers, and they adjust their work slightly based on it, it would not be surprising.

With Cyberpunk clearing the date of November 19th, there is no doubt that the author of Creed Valhalla will make his debut between November 10th and 19th depending on the region and platform. On the other hand, Ubisoft itself is not very helpful, because Emmorals Fenyx Rising will be launched on December 3. The most unhappy about Cyberpunk 2077 is the Polish colleague from Project CD of the Bloober Team studio. They will release the horror film "Medium" on the same day. Although this is a completely different genre.

Even if the new expansion of Path of Exile is delayed, this has little effect on players' enthusiasm for Path of Exile Currency. Players can still have a lot of fun in it and make their journey of Exile colorful.