IGVault Lost Ark Guide: Ways To Make Gold As A New Player

If you’re a fan of Ark: Survival Evolved, you’re going to want to check out our Lost Ark guide! This guide will help you quickly earn Lost Ark Gold by performing various activities.

If you’re a fan of Ark: Survival Evolved, you’re going to want to check out our Lost Ark guide! This guide will help you quickly earn Lost Ark Gold by performing various activities. From gathering resources to defeating bosses, this guide has it all! Take the time to read it and get some gold today.

Although Gold is not the only currency in Lost Ark, it is considered to be the most valuable. Your Gold is divided among your characters and is frequently used to obtain Crystals, transfer knowledge, or purchase items from the Auction House.

If you’re looking for Gold in Lost Ark, there are plenty of ways to farm it, so don’t worry. You can keep a steady stream of Gold by finishing your dungeons, befriending NPCs, and many more.

What Do You Need Gold For?

Gold is one of seven currencies in Lost Ark and you will need it mainly for trading and buying gear, consumables, and practically any tradable item available between players. It is therefore one of the most important currencies in the game. And unlike other types of money, like silver, it is shared between every character on your account. So even if you are rocking multiple chars with different classes, you won't need to earn gold with every one of them individually. Neat!

Level Up Your Trade Skills

With so many quests and so much to do, you might have left the whole Trade Skill mechanic off to the side, passing by every Arbor Tree you came across and snubbing your nose at every Dreamwalker Flower. Well, you are in good company, and this is why leveling up your Trade Skills might actually be good for lining your pocket.

Not only can Trade Skill materials be sold at the Auction House to players with more gold and less time to grind, but you can use those same materials to level up your Stronghold. Level up your Stronghold enough, and you will begin to unlock craftable Archeological Site Maps that reward even more Gear Honing materials to sell.

Sell Adventurer's Tome Collectibles

Next up on the list of items that many players would rather buy than grind, we have Adventurer's Tome collectibles. If you open up your Adventurer's Tome to any continent you have traveled to, you should see a bunch of items beneath the collectibles column.

To fill out the Adventurer's Tome, you will need to collect an absurd amount of these items. These can be farmed by slaying mobs, and because the drop rate is so low, these collectibles tend to sell for a tasty amount of gold on the Auction House.

Complete Abyssal Dungeons

Abyssal Dungeons are an easy way to make gold. These are dungeons that can be run once a week per character. Each completed run will reward you with gold, but there is a weekly limit. This means that after your sixth alternate character has completed an Abyssal Dungeon, you will no longer earn any gold from running Abyssal Dungeons on additional characters.

Complete Chaos Dungeons

These are not quite as reliable a source of gold as Abyssal Dungeons, but if you plan on grinding some Chaos Dungeons anyway, you might as well keep your fingers crossed.

While Chaos Dungeons are not guaranteed to drop gold rewards, if a gold or red portal opens up for you after completing the second level, you will be transported to a secret room. There you should find either a passive or tough boss to beat up until it starts spewing gold like a piñata.

Finish Raids

You can grind on weekly-based Abyss raids. Argos raid is one of the Abyss raids.

There are 3 different phases to this raid and completing each will reward you with gold.

If you complete all three phases of Argos raids, you will get a reward of 3300 Gold.

You can also go for Legion Raids to acquire more gold.

You can get a reward of 3300 gold for completing the phases of Valtan and Biackiss in normal difficulty.

In addition to these raids, you can get 4500 Gold for completing them in the hardest difficulty

You can also complete another Legion raid, Kouku Saton in normal mode to obtain 4500 gold.


One of the best ways to get gold is to increase Rapport with specific NPCs. Thirain and Sasha are some of the best at the start of the game but once you unlock Punika in Tier 3 there are a lot more NPCs you can gain gold from.

Keep in mind that gold may not be the best reward from Rapport but characters like Sasha also reward a Giant’s Heart for example.

Auction House

Like in other MMORPG, Lost Ark Gold can be farmed through Auction House. Of course, you should understand well how the market works, follow the average costs, and sometimes even buy cheap items to sell them for higher money. There are most common lots that can help you raise your Gold balance:

Rare skins, mounts, or pets guarantee you high prices, but sometimes it can be a hard decision to sell really rare stuff that can be a part of your collection;

Adventurer’s Tome collectibles also can be a good deal. Many players don’t want to do various Adventurer’s Tome challenges by themselves and instead try to buy some required items in Auction House;

Players use Enhancement Materials to increase item level. Of course, you sometimes need to do it too, but in some cases, you can prefer to earn some Gold instead of gearing yourself;

Ability Stones from Chaos Dungeons also can cost a pretty amount of Gold. Especially Engravings like Grudge or Cursed Doll;

Some Gems can cost thousand of Gold, don’t forget to check your bag and Auction House prices;

Crafting items is an MMOs classical way of earning money. It can be tough but works everywhere and any time;

Also, some Merchants in Lost Ark sell limited items that are in wide demand in Auction House. All you deen to do is just find some of these items and hope you can still buy them.

We've now come to the end of our Lost Ark gold farming guide. We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Now you know what you need gold for in Lost Ark and how you can earn it quickly. But many players prefer to Buy Lost Ark Gold at https://www.igvault.com/Lost-Ark-Gold