For at least ninety days Fresh Start realms will

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One of the more interesting modifications is the demise of the dungeon-finder tool that was initially introduced in the initial WotLK expansion WOTLK Classic Gold. Many of the complaints about the modern WoW is that it's diminished the sense of community, and that's largely attributed on the introduction of automated groups where there's no need to communicate with one the other in order to participate in the group's content.

The Barber Shop will see many improvements over the first version, and could include some options offered in current WoW. As a result of feedback from players in the TBC Classic, Personal Arena Rating will take over Arena Teams in WotLK.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic will be introducing 'Fresh Start' servers

Wrath of the Lich King is one of the most fondly remembered of all World of Warcraft expansions, and Blizzard is clearly expecting an impressive number of players to jump into WoW Classic for the first time. There's no reason feeling that they're late to the party. Therefore "fresh new beginning" servers intend to allow players to build a new character from scratch and build an entire community of fellow players.

The new servers will come with certain restrictions:

For at minimum 90 days, you will not be allowed to enhance a character's status in Fresh Start realms.

For at least ninety days Fresh Start realms will no longer be accessible as a place for character transfers.

Death Knights cannot be created on these realms with out a level 55 character on that same realm.

It's important to note that the 90-day period is the absolute minimum that Blizzard has considered lifting the limitations buy WOTLK Gold. A post on the official forums said that feedback from players would be taken into account and Blizzard does not take any decision in a hurry concerning character transfer.