What Is a Rollover, and How Does It Work in Betting?

Are you going to make your first deposit on betting? If yes, then you must know an important term of sports betting rollover. This is related to the betting bonus and free bets.

If you are new to sports betting, then it would seem exciting to you at first glance. You will be allured to the welcome bonus that an online sportsbook offers you. However, you can claim the bonus offered for betting. But it often comes with a standardized condition which is known as sports betting rollover. During your betting journey, you will listen to this term many times. Whenever you switch to a new betting site, you will see the term rollover used. But do you know actually what it means? Probably not! If you are new to betting, then understanding this term is crucial. So, let’s take a look below to expand your knowledge.

What is betting rollover?

Rollover is the wagering requirement imposed by a sportsbook to claim a betting bonus. This requirement could be different for each sportsbook and is bound to be fulfilled. In simple terms, when you make your first deposit, you will be offered a bonus amount similar to the deposit. But, for claiming the bonus amount, you have to place a bet for certain times. You cannot withdraw that amount until you complete the betting rollover condition. This condition can be applied to free bets and bonuses. Many licensed and offshore bookies have this rollover condition for gamblers.

How do sports betting rollovers work?

This is the common term used in sports gambling that refers to the wagering requirements to claim bonuses. Rollover might be applicable for sign-up bonuses or reload bonuses on betting sites. You would better understand the working of rollover with an example below.

For example, if you sign-up for a betting site with 100 $ and the sportsbook has offered you a bonus with a 20x rollover. This means that to claim the winnings from the bonus, you need to place bets 20 times for 200 $. Well, some sportsbooks do not have rollover conditions, and some do. Therefore, before signing up for a betting site, you need to read out terms and conditions properly. 

Why is betting rollover required?

Sports betting rollover is an invincible condition by many sportsbooks. It is envisioned to prevent punters from abusing the betting bonuses. Usually, signing-up bonuses are not free money since they are used to give opportunities for risk-free wagers. So, if you place bets using bonuses, you need to place wagers multiple times. The sportsbook would require you to win bets that covers-up the first deposit and bonus amount. It is also important to know that you cannot bypass the rollover requirements.

To sum up

Hope you have clear insight into sports betting rollover now. So, you must place wagering sensibly to meet the rollover requirements. It is required to keep a check on wagering conditions for each betting bonus. You must check all terms of the sportsbook before depositing the initial money. You can fulfill wagering requirements by placing small bets. Wishing you luck with a successful betting endeavor.