How MedAccess selects the best doctors?

Med Access is a professional organization created with the vision of facilitating world-class, affordable healthcare and ensuring a caring, comfortable and carefree medical journey to India.First company to launch innovative Medical Treatment Management concept. More than 2200+ complex cas

Because doctors can vary considerably in qualification and experience, choosing the right doctor to treat your medical condition can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your treatment. At MedAccess, we offer you carefully selected, best doctors and help you choose the best possible for your specific needs.

  1. The Doctors Other Doctors Trust The Most
    We ask every doctor the following questions: “If you or your family member needed a doctor in a certain speciality, who would you choose?”

MedAccess is having 14 years of research and a database of more than 3000+ medical experts in every specialty and sub specialty, each recommended and chosen as “best” by other doctors.

  1. Doctors Selection Process:

In selecting doctors, we employ a rigorous, multi-step process.

  • Survey of Doctors:

We create a pool of candidates in each city. Each year, we request doctors to nominate colleagues they know to be exceptional in their specified field.

Physicians are asked to consider the following question: “If you needed medical care in one of the following specialties, which doctor would you choose?”

  • Candidate Search

Our dedicated database research staff also contributes to the pool of candidates by searching medical databases, online sources, and publications for doctors who have attained certain credentials.

We evaluate candidates on 10 indicators of peer recognition and professional achievements:

  • Years of experience
  • Fellowships
  • Professional activities
  • Leadership positions
  • Academic achievements/positions
  • Board certifications
  • International Exposure
  • Honours and awards
  • Proven Results and Success rate

The MedAccess recommended doctors advantage:

By choosing MedAccess recommended doctors, you will have the following advantages: 
  • A more accurate diagnosis
  • Higher success rates
  • Care that is planned, coordinated and provided by a team of experts who specialize in your condition
  • Appropriate therapy (neither too much nor too little)
  • Fewer complications
  • A shorter length of stay in a hospital
  • Lower costs

Guidelines to Choose the “Dr Right” for Your Medical Care

When you are looking for a doctor to take care of specific symptoms, you’ll want to follow these guidelines to choose the right doctor for your medical care.

Assess your needs

First of all, it is important to assess your needs. what are your health issues and what kind of doctor are you looking for?  It’s most important to find one you can trust and with whom you can communicate well.

See the right type of specialist

You need to be sure that you’re being referred to the right type of specialty for your health problem. Patients are surprised to learn that seeing the wrong type of specialist, someone who focuses on only one body system can stand in the way of accurately diagnosing and therefore, correct treatment.

Find a good Communicator

Regardless of the type of doctor you need, you’ll want to be sure you can communicate effectively. Many patients complain that they don’t feel as if their providers listen to them, or give them enough time.

Check credentials

Doing a background check on your doctor’s credentials is important to be sure they are appropriate and current.

Check the track record

The amount and level of experience your doctor has can be important, especially if you have a difficult to diagnose a medical problem or one that requires a difficult treatment. You’ll also want to know that the doctor has a successful and clean record. You’ll want to research your doctor’s track record to be sure your doctor has a clean record, free of malpractice or other problems.

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