FIFA 21 is actually getting some new features in career mode

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FIFA 21 is actually getting some new features in career mode. After years of barely changing the mode, EA is making some substantial new additions, including a new training and player development system, interactive match simulation, player sharpness, and more.

Player development is what EA is calling its new way of, well, developing players over time. You can finally retrain players in new positions, for example, or ask them to focus on certain roles, such as target man or poacher. This takes care of the long-term development of your squad, which means training now has a shorter term purpose: it’s all about getting your team ready for the next match.

New ways to sign players are being introduced. Loan to buy options with both optional and mandatory fees will be available, as well as these types of deal being initiated by AI managers. When you start a new career mode, new set-up options will also be available. Authentic transfer mode can be turned on, leading to tougher negotiations and less bizarre transfer dealings from other clubs. On the other end of the spectrum though, you can choose to start with a financial takeover to instantly boost your transfer funds and play more of a fantasy football style. If you want to Buy FIFA 21 Accounts, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

FIFA 21 also brings a new Interactive Match Sim, where managers can jump in or out of the simulated game as well as make substitutions and tactical changes while the game plays out. The original Quick Sim option is still there. Managers will also have more control over the training schedule, balancing the training sessions with rest days to make sure players are sharp but not fatigued for matches. Transfers have been tweaked, with the ability to negotiate future fees for loans added. Players will also be more reluctant to join lower leagues. VAR will not be present in FIFA 21. EA also admitted that there will be no significant changes to Player Career Mode.

Finally, transfer negotiations have received a number of fixes and small improvements, such as the option to buy a player already loaned in to your club without needing to release them first. You can take a look at the full list of Career Mode improvements over on EA’s pitch notes blog.