League of Legends: Wild Rift is in a pre-register phase on the Google Play store

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Every lover of League of Legends is counting days until the release of Wild Rift. Interestingly, the upcoming version will be quite different from the original game. Riot Games announced the release of the League of Legends (mobile version) a couple of months ago. Since then gamers around the world have been keeping an eye on the updates. And what worked as fuel to the excitement was when the developers announced that it is going to be a brand new game rather than just a mobile version.

Wild Rift, also known as LoL: Mobile is a mobile game port of League of Legends. The port has it's own bespoke set of features, to make the experience work on the new platform. The name comes from the game’s new map, Wild Rift, which is known as Summoner’s Rift is the PC version of the title. The gameplay is the same as in League of Legends at its core. A 5v5 MOBA, with a slightly smaller map and dual-stick controls. Matches are supposed to last around 15 minutes, and the title is Riot Games’ first full mobile game release.

League of Legends: Wild Rift will be available for mobile and consoles, but cross-play between the two will not be offered. Cross-play with League of Legends PC is also out of the question, as they are completely separate games. However, certain events will cross over between the two games, and cross-play may be offered in the future between mobile and consoles. If you need Buy League of Legends Mobile Boosting, you can visit our site z2u.com.

From the champions to the gameplay, the core focus was to make Wild Rift feel as close to the PC version of League of Legends as possible. Visually, the port looks nearly identical.

Where Wild Rift will differ, however, is with its dual-stick control scheme. Riot has spent a ton of time working on the responsiveness and precision of the controls to ensure they feel natural. In some instances, that meant slightly tweaking some champions abilities without losing their core essence. Despite these changes, the champions should still feel the same as their PC counterpart and, in some cases, new gameplay options could even open up with their updated abilities.