Gas Fitting and More: Time for a Proper Checking

Gas pipe repairs aren't typically something plumbers are called upon for. Though most people associate them with fixing leaky water and sewage lines, plumbers can also often be found fixing or installing new gas lines.

Trusting a master plumber to repair or extend the gas piping in your home ensures that the work is done correctly, safely, and in accordance with all applicable building requirements.

Do not attempt to install or repair a gas line on your own. You could seriously hurt yourself or damage your property. The following factors highlight why it's essential to work with a Gas Fittings & Repairs ST George expert.


Safety must always come first when dealing with natural gas. Only a professional plumber with the proper training and certification should install or repair gas lines. There is an immediate risk to your family and property from gas leaks and shoddy repairs.

Rules for Construction and Safety

Professional gas line installers and repair technicians may be required by local ordinance in some areas. A licenced gas plumber should be considered even if such a licence is not necessary in your location. A valid licence shows that the contractor has the training and skills to work with natural gas and pipes safely, avoiding any hazards that could affect you or your property.

Knowledge and Proven Track Record

Gas lines often share their infrastructure with water and sewage lines. The right pipes and materials, as well as how to properly install them, can only be determined by a skilled plumber. Some pipe materials corrode with time, so this is especially crucial if you are repairing or retrofitting an existing gas line system. Extremely dangerous slow gas leaks can occur when pipes deteriorate or are improperly built.

Putting in Appliances

Many homes rely heavily on gas-powered equipment. Water heaters, central heating systems, fireplaces, and barbeques are just some of the gas-powered items that plumbers may set up or fix. It is possible that gas lines will need to be moved as part of a house remodel. Proper installation of new gas lines and appliances requires the expertise of a licenced plumber.

Maintenance and Repairs in Case of Emergencies

Hiring a professional who specialises in gas pipes can prevent injury and property loss. If there is a sulphuric or gas smell within your home, everyone should get out immediately and call for aid. Get in touch with your local utility provider and a licenced Gas Installation ST George plumber right away.

Gas Leak Symptoms and Repercussions

A gas leak can cause a number of different issues. The most frequent ones are:

  • A pungent odour, as of rotten eggs or sulphur
  • There's a hissing or whistling noise by the gas main.
  • Rising gas prices
  • Faulty home electronics

Gas leaks pose a serious threat to the public. Unnoticed gas leaks can cause an explosion that destroys a building in a matter of minutes.


Every home will eventually require gas line repairs or maintenance, no matter how careful the owner is. Mr Splash Plumbing St Georgehas the skilled technicians you need when you need gas plumbing services. All of our plumbers are highly trained, experienced, licenced, and insured since we know how crucial it is to avoid injury when working around natural gas lines. We fix broken gas lines, put in new ones, and swap out old ones in cases of emergency.