Sweet Tips for Better Orgasm with Anal Toys

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Let me tell you, Anal Sex is way to heaven…   but from the back door!!

We know whenever we hear about Anal Sex, it scares the hell out of us, and it’s right to be scared because that’s what we have been taught. Don’t do Anal Sex, it’s damn painful, it’s only for gay guys, what about our thoughts; I am hundred percent sure everyone has thought about it, “isn’t it going to be messy?”  “Isn’t it going to be disgusting?”  After all, our butt hole is also our poop hole. Don’t www everyone has thought about it. But because it is a very sensitive topic we don’t talk about anal sex more often as compared to normal sex and we are not good with sex education. Because of all these reasons, we are feared for doing anal sex, but today we are breaking all anal sex taboos and going to learn about how amazing anal sex is.

First, let me tell you the science behind an amazing orgasm.  Anus regions are home to thousand nerve endings, which can help to achieve amazing orgasm because of nerves anal sex causes a great anal experience. Anal toys are a blessing for everyone who wants to try anal sex but don’t have enough courage of doing it. There are so many types of anal toys; butt plug, anal beads, anal vibrator, or the best prostate massager. Anal is a more sensitive part as compared to the vulva so do just insert anything inside your back cave. Anal toys are specially designed anal toys. From design to shape or flexibility every single detailing is done by keeping your anus in mind. So if you are a beginner in the field of anal play, I recommend you start with anal sex toys.

There are so many benefits of vulva sex but there is one very common question is, Are there any benefits of anal sex or anal masturbation. Yes, anal sex or masturbation benefits are as same as normal sex.

  • Helps you lower your stress
  • Improve your sleep
  • Cheer up your mood
  • Helps you to explore your body and soul

And don’t forget about pleasure and fun

Now let’s talk about some simple tips to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm:

First, let me tell you some basic safety tips because in anal sex safety has to be your priority and good and clean hygiene is not harmful to anyone.

  • Cleanliness: Cleaning is a mandatory step both times either vaginal sex or anal sex. Our anus contains natural bacteria which can be spread, if you directly insert your penis into the vagina after anal sex it can cause some infection, so always change your condom before vaginal sex. Now if you are into anal masturbating or using a toy for anal sex, always clean your toy before and after use.
  • Lubrication: Our anus does not produce natural lubrication. So a generous amount of lubrication is very important. First start applying lube around your butt hole and then to your penis, anal toy, and into your fingers. I would recommend you to use water-based lube, as they last longer and are good for your sex toys and condoms.


  • Communication: this step is very important to keep asking your partner whether they are comfortable and you know for better experience consent is very important.


  • Relax: begin relaxed is very important in case of anal sex or anal masturbation, especially when you are new in this genre. Dim the lights, play your favorite music, get into the vibe. Relax your sphincter muscle. Do not rush, always start slow. You are going to feel some discomfort in starting a few times after that it’s all good.


  • Foreplay: A little foreplay will be very helpful. Before you insert an anal toy or penis inside another person’s butt, start with little fingering. Apply lube to your pinky finger and slowly insert it into your butt hole. Let your finger inside for a few seconds, this way your body will be ready for new sensations. Now reapply some lube to other finger do the same. Being patient in anal play is very important, anal penetrations take time but you know “something is worth waiting”. Be slow, enjoy the whole process.



  • Add sex toy: Anal sex toys are specially designed for anal penetration. Butt plugs, anal beads, anal vibrators, dildos, and prostate massagers are the perfect way to start with anal play. The important thing to look into anal toys is flared base. Again for beginners, anal sex toys are the best way to start. It will not only penetrate you but also ready your anus to have some with your partner. The best thing about anal toys is that they are designed to hit your P-spot, so whenever you are using an anal toy, you are achieving a prostate orgasm, which you know how heavenly it feels.


  • With a partner: if you are doing it with your partner, again starting with your fingers or toy will be very helpful, and keep trying for different techniques until you find the technique that works for both of you. Because that’s what matters in partner sex, both partner’s happiness, and comfort.
  • Erogenous zones: when you are penetrating your partner with anal sex or massage, also focus on other erogenous zones. Playing with their nipples, clit, neck, and scrotum will help you a lot. Ask your partner which places work for them. If you do clitoral stimulation along with anal penetration, it will double the pleasure.

I haven’t experienced anal orgasm; dude you don’t know what you are missing. Yes, it will feel a little uncomfortable in starting but eventually, you will understand what is the hype of anal sex. if are you not ready to play with your partner, try Adultscare’s amazing anal collection, and when you get ready to do with your partner, the addition of a toy will double fold the whole experience. I hope our sweet tips are helpful for you. Do visit the Adultscare official website adultscare for more amazing stuff.

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