What types of mining exist?

Mining is currently available in various forms

In general, types can be divided as follows:

Mining on video cards.
The most relevant way for today for enthusiasts. It consists in calculating the hashing algorithm using video cards - your home computer may be suitable for this. Ideally, a mining farm of 6-8 video cards with a powerful power supply and an Internet connection is going to be assembled. This method of mining is convenient because video cards are a convertible commodity, in which case they can be sold. In addition, cards usually have a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

Online mining
There are services (for example, freebitco.in) that allow you to mine without any unnecessary difficulties - you just need to open a browser and create an account, and then mining will start right from the page. It has the right to life if for some reason you are too lazy to understand the issue. Of course, this method will not provide high profitability and it will be stupid to use it if you have already assembled a farm of several GPUs.

cloud mining
The essence, as the name implies, is to rent mining facilities, with which you will already be mining cryptocurrency. It removes almost all risks from you: you don’t need any equipment or time, and in case of failure, you don’t risk anything extra. On the other hand, relevance depends on current rates and rates. It may be easier to just immediately purchase cryptocurrency on the exchange.

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