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One of the collection of Engraved Gold Watch at is born from the fusion of Scandinavian minimalism and the most cosmopolitan New York. A Luxury Watches Factory that has been able to connect both cities through a relaxed aesthetic far removed from conventionalism. In search of a passionate public, who enjoys the vibrant life of big cities, but who needs the tranquility and sustainable life that nature and dreamlike landscapes provide. Both models are represented in Norway and New York. That is why opted to unite both lifestyles, classic and contemporary, in its collections.

In the online watch shop of you will not only find the many collections watches but also you can Build Your Own Watch. Watches5 adds interchangeable straps, available for all models, to its timeless and stylish collection. This will make the choice easier for you. The recommendation is always to stay with the first option. Choose the model that best suits your style. Choose the box or the first strap that you prefer to wear. You can change it as many times as you want to wear styles for an option in ecological wool, top quality leather or steel. Changing the strap will be very easy for you.

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With Watches5 Watches Factory we open the doors of world to you through a watch firm looking for people committed to the environment, respectful of premium design and eager to celebrate the pleasure of handmade pieces. It is time to reward the know-how of artisans and enjoy objects that last forever.

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