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Usually, we find ourselves with the difficult task of making an occasional gift, for a retirement, a wedding gift, etc. We don't want to spend an exorbitant amount, but we also don't want to give a gift that is too cheap to leave the lucky person indifferent.

So much so, that at Watch Wholesale Suppliers we have made a selection by price range in which we have included a section of watches for best price, a fairly fair amount for a special occasion, either to give as a gift or to treat yourself.

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If you are a watch lover, you will know that choosing a good watch becomes a complicated task. Deciding whether you want it in one material or another, with a steel or leather strap, whether it's automatic or not, and of course the brand, becomes too difficult. This leads us to end up giving up or crazy indecisive without finishing choosing the watch we need.

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Faced with this wide range of possibilities, it is practically impossible to jump in first for yours, unless you have very clear ideas. That is why at Chinese Watch Manufacturer has made a selection of watches by price so that it is easier for you to choose, even if only economically, according to the budget you have. In this section you will find all kinds of models, prices, ranges and styles, so that they always adapt to your personality.

Lotus sells its image as a network of exclusive watches aimed at an appearance-conscious and design-conscious audience. With about 25 years of history, it is present in more than 90 countries around the world and stands out for its collaborations with many familiar faces.

It has a very varied collection for both men and women. In the men's section you can choose between the minimalist series, with chrono, multifunction, and junior. Feminine designs are more classic and elegant.

It is characterized by the color of its pieces and the reduced price, giving the option to change the watch according to the look you want to accompany. To do this, in its Wholesale Rubber Watches collection you can find digital and analog, of all colors. Although yes, the strap of almost all its watches is made of rubber, making daily use more comfortable.