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How to combine a gold men's watch?
The golden models combine very well with a shirt, either white or in shades of blue. Look closely at the complementary colors of the dial or strap and you will have a clue. For example, if he wears light tones it is not the same as if he wears black.

In general, golds are usually worn by classic or very modern people with a vintage and retro style. Many girls have also chosen to incorporate them into their usual accessories.

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If you give a boy a watch and he wears it, he will remember you every time he looks at the time, some studies indicate that about 100 times a day!

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What watch to give a man?
You can use our filter to select both price and features to focus on what works best for you.

We give you some advice:
Set a budget and stick to it.
If he is young: Choose a modern model, with a leather or rubber strap, that is water resistant.
If you are an athlete: Submersible models and chronographs are ideal.
For someone older: Flat, classic and strap models. Make sure you see the time right!
How to differentiate a watch for men and women?
The easiest is because of the size of the sphere.

Although today most models are unisex and many girls like to wear men's watches, there is a difference in the size of the dial:

Men's watches: Dial over 40 mm, ideally between 40 and 50 mm.
Women's watches: Dials less than 40 mm, usually 35 or 38 mm.
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