The New World Is Switching to Seasonal Mode

New World, the popular MMORPG developed by Amazon Games, has announced a shift to a seasonal model for its updates.

New World, the popular MMORPG developed by Amazon Games, has announced a shift to a seasonal model for its updates. This new approach aims to provide players with more content at a faster pace while offering a continuous stream of rewards and objectives as they progress through the game's world, Aeternum.

In these seasons, New World introduces a battle pass system that features both a free track and a premium track for players to unlock. Each track offers various rewards, including cosmetics, convenience items, New World Coins, and more. Both tracks have season-specific rewards, with the premium track offering greater overall value.

The battle pass includes items such as Gypsum orbs, Umbral Shards for endgame players, skins, fortune boost tokens, and crafting caches for those who enjoy crafting. There are 100 levels to unlock each season, although the exact time required to unlock all rewards is still being adjusted by Amazon Games. However, they believe that players won't need the entire season to reach level 100.

Unique skins will be available exclusively through the battle pass, but Amazon plans to bring back certain items based on player feedback and popularity in future passes. Both the free and premium tracks offer cosmetics, providing players with a reason to complete tasks and level up.

Players can unlock season pass levels through various means, including a season journey, season challenges, or a bingo-style card that awards pass XP. The season journey consists of five chapters that introduce players to the current season and its content. Upon reaching level 25, players unlock both the premium track of the battle pass and the season journey.

Seasons in New World are not limited to the battle pass alone. The seasonal model aims to deliver new content to players more frequently than the previous update structure. The first season, titled "Fellowship and Fire," features a storyline centered around Grace O'Malley, a beloved NPC. Grace forms a mercenary group known as the Silver Crows to combat threats in Aeternum. The season also introduces a new Expedition called the Imperial Forge, which ties into the storyline of "Fellowship and Fire."

The Silver Crows will play a central role in future seasons, with players experiencing adventures alongside them and encountering new characters while revisiting familiar locations in Aeternum. Although some locations may change or new points of interest may be added, the core structure involves players exploring Aeternum with the Silver Crows.

It's important to note that seasons are not intended to replace larger content expansions like the Brimstone Sands update. Instead, they serve as content drops every three months, bridging the gap between major expansions. The updated New World roadmap outlines upcoming seasons, such as "Blood of the Sands" in the summer, which will introduce Raid Groups, a cross-world Outpost Rush, Season Trials, and more.

Fall will bring another season along with the next expansion, featuring a "transformed zone." The specifics and impact on Aeternum are currently unclear, but more details will likely be revealed closer to the release. Winter will conclude the year with a mutated seasonal trial, a new story, an expedition, and other exciting content. It's worth noting that gaming roadmaps are subject to change, as acknowledged by Amazon. However, the current plans appear ambitious and promise to keep players engaged throughout the year.

As always, these updates aim to provide an immersive and enjoyable experience for players of New World, catering to their preferences and keeping them entertained in the vast and ever-evolving world of Aeternum. If you don't have enough time to invest and want to experience more adventures, then I recommend you to Buy New World Gold from, 100% safe. This is a professional supplier with 20+ years of supply experience and fast delivery, which can help you experience New World better.